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Arai Helmet brochure 2012

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    Arai is not some massive corporation run by ever-changing management teams, all which have one thing in common: more profits and cheaper production costs.

    Fact is: were pretty much the opposite in every way possible. Arai is a true family owned company, driven by the same family, with the same mission, through three generations. Three generations of riders. This fact tends to make you look at things differently than the anonymous management executives do.

    Because, if your familys name - and your familys honor - were on the front of your helmet, how many corners would you cut? How many shortcuts would you take? Or, if cost would be the most important element, how much is a head worth?

    Our mission has always been the protection and comfort of riders. To the best of our ability. Period. For this reason, we deliberately give our helmets a smooth outer shell, although edgy or square designs might be more fashionable. Our smooth shell has less change of getting hooked or snagged during a crash, causing unnecessary damage or injuries, thanks to this functional shape of the shell.

    At Arai standards like ECE or SNELL are our baseline, not our goal. Why? Because standards create minimum criteria. And while many helmet makers design their helmets to meet those minimums, good enough has just never been good enough around here. Not for us, not for the riders we serve. (Remember, we answer only to ourselves.)

    That is why we use our own in-house test standard. A standard, that is more demanding than the mandatory standard, with multiple impacts, penetration tests, random impact areas instead of pre-defined impact points and higher impact velocities. We do believe that the Arai in-house test standard represents a very tough helmet test. It is based on decennia of experience and investigation of crashed helmets both on the track and on the public road. All our considerable knowhow in helmet technology is used to define this Arai in-house test standard.

    At the end of the day the choice is yours. There are real differences between helmets, but only you can say whether those differences are worth it to you or not.We hope you see the difference in Arai, and in the three generations of the family behind it.


    3 Generations 2RX-7 RC 3RX-7 GP 4Quantum 8Chaser-V 12Axces II NEW 16X-tend Ram 19X-tend 21SZ-Ram 4 NEW 23SZ- Urban NEW 25Freeway & Penta 26VX-3 27Tour-X 4 NEW 30Car helmets 33Additional sizes 34The right size 35Handmade quality 36Why Arai 38Arai innovations 40In-house test standard 42Arai Inspiration Centre (AIC) 43Warranty & Customer satisfaction 44Making the most of your investment 45Helmet technology 46Helmet features 47

    Akihito Arai Michio Arai

    Hirotake Arai

  • 3rx-7 rC helmet

    Not all models might be available in all markets. For the latest overview visit *Compare all features at page 47

    the rx-7 rCthe ultimate in Carbon fibre

    With a yearly maximum export production of just 300 pieces, exclusivity of the RX-7 RC is guaranteed. The technology is based on that of the Formula 1 GP-6 RC car racing helmet. It consists of an extremely stiff and light carbon fibre outer shell, reinforced with the Peripherally Belted construction. Especially for the RX-7 RC we searched and found in the aircraft industry a superior carbon fibre quality. It takes a skilled Arai craftsman a full working day just to make one outer shell from this superior material.But not only the outer shell, also the EPS inner liner is a work of art with no less than five different densities seamlessly combined in one inner shell setting new standards in this respect. The result of all this breath-taking technology is not only a very beautiful, but also a very light and strong helmet. The RX-7 RC is by far the lightest SNELL M2010 approved helmet on the market today. Just like the RX-7 GP, the RX-7 RC offers the unique feature of being both ECE 22-05 and Snell M2010 approved! Of course the RX-7 RC offers all the features of the RX-7 GP including the wide SAI visor, improved diffuser ventilation, Air Wing adjustable spoiler and grey removable Dry-Cool interior.

    Carbon fibre outer shell material, reinforced with Zylon for extreme high strength and excellent stability. A clear coating offers protection against scratches.

    Carbon outer shell

    Carbon with clear coatingRX-7 RC

    Another Arai only technology is the multiple density inner liner, a technology that combines up to five different densities of foam in various areas as a single component, rather than an assembly of separate pieces fitted together, which compromises performance.

    multiple density inner liner

    FeatuRed teCh*:

  • 4rx-7 gp helmet range

    Not all models might be available in all markets. For the latest overview visit *Compare all features at page 47

    the rx-7 GP rangesophistiCated teChnology for hypersports riders

    The RX-7 GP made a huge impact when it was introduced and is now widely acclaimed as the benchmark in motorcycle helmets. Input from our MotoGP riders has led to the introduction of the Air Wing spoiler, reducing drag and turbulence. This sits in between the newly designed diffuser which is designed to channel the air flow and reduce noise levels. New performance levels are achieved by the revolutionary PB-SNC outer shell, which incorporates a special belt construction taken from our Formula 1 helmets.

    The air wing is easily adjustable with five angles to suit any riding position, even with gloves on.

    air wing spoiler

    The cheek pads can be removed in seconds, just by pulling the orange tabs. The helmet can then be taken off with less risk of injury or discomfort the rider.

    emergenCy release system

    FeatuRed teCh*:


    haslam wsbK replicaRX-7 gp

    dani 2RX-7 gp

  • 5rx-7 gp helmet range

    aoyama replica iiRX-7 gp

    haga monza whiteRX-7 gp

    blackRX-7 gp

    Cal Crutchlow replicaRX-7 gp

    haga wsbK replica (2010)RX-7 gp

    whiteRX-7 gp

  • 6rx-7 gp helmet range

    idRX-7 gp

    doohan ttRX-7 gp

    diamond blackRX-7 gp

    Jonathan reaRX-7 gp

    nicky 3 starsRX-7 gp

    diamond whiteRX-7 gp

  • 7

    rx-7 gp helmet range

    fonsi nietoRX-7 gp

    platinum greyRX-7 gp

    aluminum silverRX-7 gp

    fiction blackRX-7 gp

    mamola iiRX-7 gp

    frost blackRX-7 gp

  • 8quantum helmet range

    Not all models might be available in all markets. For the latest overview visit *Compare all features at page 47

    the quantum rangefor the long runs

    The Quantum is developed from scratch to impress sport-touring riders. Technology from our top of the range RX-7 GP has been used to make the Quantum the most comfortable, yet sporty helmet available for fast, long distance travel. Every available Arai technology has been used to enhance comfort, including Dry Cool interior, exhaust ducts, side exhaust vents and a retractable chin spoiler. Performance is uncompromised by the SCLC shell, Pinlock inner visor and the unique Emergency Release System that can prevent injury when taking off the helmet after a crash.

    Standard equipped with SAI Max Vision visor with brow vents.

    A pull-down chin spoiler deflects debris and turbulence away from the neck area, while pulling away the riders warm breath to prevent the visor from misting up. It cleverly tucks in when not needed at low speeds.

    retraCtable Chin spoiler

    The helmet interior is made of Dry Cool padding that always feels dry and cool to the skin and dispatches moisture fast and efficiently. The interior can be fully removed to be washed or replaced.

    dry Cool interior

    FeatuRed teCh*:

    dna whiteQuaNtuM

    Extra wide SAI Max Vision visor aperture offers a broad view, improving your view on the road.

    sai max Vision Visor

  • 9quantum helmet range

    flag uKQuaNtuM


    dna blackQuaNtuM

    flag italyQuaNtuM

    urban blackQuaNtuM


    flag JapanQuaNtuM

    urban redQuaNtuM

    pearl blackQuaNtuM

  • 10

    quantum helmet range

    fiction blackQuaNtuM

    fiction redQuaNtuM

    diamond blackQuaNtuM

    mask redQuaNtuM

    diamond whiteQuaNtuM

    mask greyQuaNtuM

    frost blackQuaNtuM

  • 11

    quantum helmet range



    fluor yellowQuaNtuM

    beetle QuaNtuM

    platinum greyQuaNtuM


    leon greyQuaNtuM

  • 12

    Chaser-V helmet range

    Not all models might be available in all markets. For the latest overview visit *Compare all features at page 47

    the Chaser-v rangeeVolution of a legend

    The Chaser-V is the evolution of the successful Chaser model. What is new on the Chaser-V? First the use of the wide aperture and SAI visor offering a better view on the road, improving both comfort and convenience. Comfort is significantly improved by the modified ventilation system. The large rear vent now creates a 50% higher vacuum, noticeable improving the ventilation of the interior. Larger side vents and the redesigned rear vent not only improve comfort, but also the design and styling of the Chaser-V with its SFL construction outer shell. An interesting detail is the front vent: when closed the aerodynamic properties of the Chaser-V are further improved for more comfort. Finally the shape of the interior has been improved to better follow the lines of the head, preventing pressure points and offering the necessary tight, yet comfortable fit.

    Extra large rear vent crea