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  • COMPANY PROFILE www.arai-parts.comMade of recycled paper

    We open up a new field of cold headingArai Parts Co., Ltd


  • Name:

    Arai Parts Co., Ltd. Founded

    June 1, 1972 Sales

    USD $30 Million - 2008 CEO

    Mitsuaki Arai Employees

    83 in Japan Main product

    Special Cold Headed Parts, Unique Secondary Operations, Assembly partsHQHeadquarters, 1st Factory734 Kizone Yashio Saitama 340-0813TEL +81-48(995)1223FAX +81-48(995)5331 ISO 9001 Certified 2000 ISO 14001 Certified 2004 Second Factory 1079-1 Oaza 2 Yashio Saitama 340-0811TEL+81-48(994)1933 FAX+81-48(994)1932 ISO 9001 Certified 2000 ISO 14001 Certified 2004Tsukuba Factory381-1 Baba Josho Ibaraki 300-2748TEL +81297(30)5035 FAX+81297(30)5036ISO 9001 Certified 2000 ISO 14001 Certified 2004

    Company Motto: Originality, Ingenuity, Think and Take Action

    Tsukuba FactorySecond FactoryCompany Introduction83 in Japan Main suppliers

    O and K , Sugita Wire, Yashima, Almine Main bank

    Main Customers

    Aishin Seiki, Fuji KokiMitsubishi Heavy IndustriesTokyo Mitsubishi UFJ BankMusashino BankKameari Credit Union



    Tel:0512-5356-7360 From Overseas: +86-512-5356-7360Fax:0512-5356-7365 From Overseas: +86-512-5356-7365Sales:USD $5 Million - 2008 Employees:110Contact: Masahiro Hoshino- General Manager Hui Lin Guo Assistant General Manager Wang Feng- Sales ManagerTerms: USD, Chinese Yuan or Japanese YenMain Bank: Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Shanghai Bank of China TaicangFactory Area: 8,330 Square MetersProducts:Specialized Cold Headed Parts, Secondary ProcessingSize: 3 to 20mm (Length = 100mm max)Material: Fe, SUS, Aluminum We can produce your specialized order.ISO 9001:2000Certified FactoryISO 14001:2004Certified FactoryChina Taicang Factory Overview


  • China Taicang Factory

    CAM Style ShaverHeadingWe have increased infrastructure to deal with difficult and precise parts.

    Induction Heat Treat

    Machining Center

    HeaderCapacity#WH 3 6mm22D2B 3 7mm22D3B 3 6mm32D3B 7 16mm4

    Cutting Machines# CAM Style Shaver8 Precision Automated Lathe23 CNC Precision Automated Lathe2 Desktop Lathe19 Tapping Machine7 End Mill Machining Center1

    Heat treatment # Induction Heat Treat 1

    Thread RollingCapacity#DR375 M8 M101DR250 M5 M71DR200 M3 M51


  • Cold heading & Secondary Processing

    We are capable of manufacturing complicated and difficult products that other companies decline to quote.Please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Product Summary

    Terminal / Sensor Products Brake / Oil Pump Products Door / Seat Products


  • We have equipped our machines with various sensors and indexing parts containers so that these machines can operate unattended for increased labor savings.

    Main PlantCold HeadingTsukuba Plant



    1 Die 2 BlowH-202.5 1002

    2 Die 2 BlowAT-6757.0 752

    TH2-4A7.0 751

    2 Die 3 BlowPF-2102.5 121

    PF-4204.8 303

    NP-404.8 302

    PF-6307.0 304

    NP-607.0 508

    PF-86010.0 808

    NP-8110.0 803

    NP-12016.0 1202

    PF-128016.0 1201

    3 Die 5 BlowTH3-67.0 751

    5 Die 5 BlowMST-50810.0 1002

    YMP-5809.0 403

    6 Die 6 BlowMST-61216.0 1201

    7 Die 7 BlowSF-17020.0 1201

    YMP-7809.0 406

    YMP-712012.0 602

    8 Die 8 BlowYMP-8809.0 405




  • Oval & D Shapes achieved by the cold heading process can offer price reductions.Headed products that eliminatedSinter and Mechanical Processing

    Extrusion ProcessUpset ProcessBackward Extrusion Process

    Cold Heading Basic ProcessCold Heading Application ProcessCold HeadingSpecialty Products


  • All machines are equipped with lift sensors and continuously variable transmissions.

    We strive to save labor with unmanned automation and inspection. Each machine line is equipped with an automatic auxiliary hopper & conveyer.

    Lift SensorThreads and KnurlScrew, KnurlingShaveForm RollingPointing & Drilling

    Examples of Thread Rolling Process

    Secondary Processing


  • We have a wide range of secondary operations to meet your needs.

    DrillerTapperMechanical ProcessingAutomated tapping machinePressShaving MachineFlangingBendingShaving, Tier grinding, Pointing

    Examples of Secondary ProcessingAssembled ProductsDrill / TappingPress / Flattening

    Second processing machine#Machine tool#Head part cutting machine35Lathe3End part cutting machine44Drill press4Automated pit tap machine3Flat-surface grinding machine3Automated pit drilling machine6Shaver1Automated tap process machine5Blade grinding machine2Procon cutting machine5Shot Blast2NC precision lathe7Desktop lathe11Press 35 - 50 ton15OthersMultipleOthersMultiple


  • Collect ChuckOver ChuckHeader BlankHeader BlankHead ProcessShavingTier GrindingSpherical processTail ProcessShavingTier GrindingTip cut

    We have approx. 100 CAM style automatic shavers that deal with cutting process. These machines perform secondary operations after the cold heading process and can produce complex parts.Head part processingTail part processingCAM Part

    Cold Heading and Second ProcessingAutomatic feed


  • Axis straightness inspectionThread presence & depth inspection Axis damage, nick inspectionDimensional measurementTIR accuracy and dimensional inspectionMissed or incomplete operationsWe can detect non-conforming products by applying strobe lighting with high-speed digital camera inspection.Inspection speeds 70-200 pieces per minute We can detect dimensional non-conformances by matching the digital image of the product with preset screen overlay measurements.Inspection speeds 70-200 pieces per minute.

    Digital Image Processing Inspection System


  • Quality Principle / Environmental Principle

    Environmental Principle

    1. We aim for continuous improvement in all aspects.2. Accomplish (Report/ Advise/ Communicate) to become a reliable company.May 7, 1998 internally enacted Quality PrincipleThoroughly check procedure manual, specification and product appearance to eliminate incompatibility.

    Sep.29, 2001 internally enactedInternal SloganArai Parts aim is for the entire enterprise to deal with energy saving and environmental conservation activities by all employees . We acknowledge that we will reduce the global environmental effect as one of our social responsibilities that will arise from our related manufacturing and supply activities.

    1. To strive to realize our environmental influence and aim to continuously conserve through environmental activities.

    2. We strive to prevent environmental pollution in all work sites. We strive to reduce amount of resources used and waste discharged. We strive to reduce the amount of energy used.

    3. We abide by all environmental related decrees, bylaws and other demands postulated.

    4. We will strive to inform employees of this environmental policy through instruction and education. We have set environmental goals specifically to manage the project. We request that our vendors understand and incorporate our environmental policy.

    5. We will work with the local community to contribute to preserve the local environment.

    6. We publish our environmental policy in the company introduction so that we can disclose our environmental policy to the general public. May 12, 2008 Arai Parts CO., LTD. CEO, President Mitsuaki Arai