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  • 1. 12/14/12

2. Introduction:We are the Premier terrestrial Communication Service Provider to Enterprises in NigeriaProviding Broadband Communication Services to Corporate Nigeria since 2001Strategically positioned in 32 major cities in Nigeria12/14/12 3. Vision & Mission 12/14/12 4. Service Offerings Our service deliveries:Dedicated Internet ServiceFTTX Metro fiber connectivitySecured Metro Wireless ServiceInter/Intracity Fibre Optic ServiceIntercity/Remote VSAT Service 12/14/12 5. How We Do ItThe VDT InfrastructureNationwidePOPs in 32 cities; 12 support centers.More than 34 Points of Presence.DS-3 based CORE backbone.Metro Ethernet based Access network.Considerable capacity on the Main OneSubmarine Cable12/14/12 6. 12/14/12 7. VDTs Core MPLS Network Design NOCBauchi High Capacity Kaduna JosFiber (E1, DS3 to Maiduguri STM1) Kano Point to Point Wireless Nnewi Owerri- Central NOC facility inEnuguIkoyi, Lagos. Abuja -Redundant NOC in Ikeja, Lagos. - Fiber optic Links to all Cities - Wireless MetroNet in all cities. Lagos Lagos Ikeja MetroNet DRIbadanOnitshaIlorinBenin Port Harcourt Asaba Akure WarriAba Abeokuta 12/14/12 Calabar 8. Closer to the Customer @... Lagos Abuja P/H Ibadan Ilorin Lokoja Minna Kaduna Kano JosBauchiMaiduguri Lafia Benin WarriAsaba AbaNnewiCalabar Owerri EnuguOnitshaAbeokutaYola Akure Seme EpeGombe12/14/12 9. Offerings & BenefitsCustomerVDT 12/14/12 10. 5 Core Value 12/14/12 11. Our Partners Strategic Partnership with carriers on National/InternationalTRUNK ServicesMain One Cable (IPLC)MTNMultilinks TelkomPhase-3 ACCESS ubiquity through Wireless Provisioning from Trango BackhaulTranzeo WirelessAperto Networks12/14/12 12. Tools, Systems & Technical SupportAlliances 12/14/12 13. Our CustomersWireless Backhaul Provider of the Year; 2009/2010,12/14/12Bulk Internet Provider of the Year 2011 14. CONTACT US. Head Office: VDT Communications Limited 7th Floor, Union Marble House 1, Alfred Rewane Road Ikoyi, Lagos 01-2714711-2 0700vdtcomms www.vdtcomms.com sales@vdtcomms.com12/14/12 15. 12/14/12