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  • 1. Chapter 9:Life in Early Texas Section 1:Texas Fever

2. Gone to Texas

  • During the 1820s-30s the population of Texas surged
  • Some settlers from Europe and other parts of Mexico

3. Gone to Texas

  • Most early settlers in Texaswere farmers from theUnited States .

4. Gone to Texas

  • Pull factors:
    • Cheap land
    • Easy payments

5. Gone to Texas

  • Push factors:
    • Debts from the Panic of 1819 and resulting depression
    • Inability of U.S. officials to collect debts or get fugitives in Texas

6. Gone to Texas

  • Word spreads that Texas is a place filled with outlaws and undesirable people

7. Gone to Texas

  • G.T.T.
  • Gone to Texas a phrase that often meant that someone disappeared

8. The People of Texas

  • By 1834 a Mexican official estimated that Texas population was 21,000:
  • 15,000 from the U.S.most were English, Irish, or Scottish ancestry
  • Squatters:people who do not legally own the land on which they live

9. The People of Texas

  • 1834:Tejano population was about 4,000
  • Most lived around Nacogdoches or San Antonio
  • Most Tejanos welcome Americanssaw them as a boost to economy and protection against Indians

10. The People of Texas

  • Europeans:primarily of British, German, French, or Italian background
  • African Americans
    • 2000 slave
    • 150 free

11. Getting to Texas and Choosing Land

  • 1835:an estimated 1,000 settlers entering Texas each month
  • Coming to Texas:
    • Wagon trains
    • Horseback
    • Walked
    • Water

12. Getting to Texas and Choosing Land

  • Flatboats means oftransportation for many settlers

13. Getting to Texas and Choosing Land

  • Usually settled around rivers and streams
  • Fertile soil and mild climate attracted many U.S. settlers to the Gulf Coast Plain and Piney Woods
  • Avoided Apache & Comanche lands

14. G.T.T. How They Traveled: Why U.S. Setters Came: