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  • 1. Chapter 8:Americans Settle in Texas Section 3:TheAustin Colonies

2. Bellwork

  • List the qualities of a good leader

3. Early Problems in Austins Colony

  • August 1823:Austin returns from Mexico
  • Settlers discouraged

A giant statue of Stephen F. Austin was started in April of 2004 to establish a tribute to the father of Texas, Stephen F. Austin. The location is the north side of Highway 288 about a mile south of Highway 35. 4. Early Problems in Austins Colony

  • Problems:
    • Drought had ruined crops
    • Resorted to eating wild game
    • Indian attacks

5. Early Problems in Austins Colony

  • Established a headquarters near present-day La Grange
  • Established militiasto defend against Indian attacks

6. The Old Three Hundred

  • Fall 1824:297 families and single men had received lands in colony
  • Called the Old Three Hundred

Austins grave marker at the Texas State Cemetery 7. The Old Three Hundred

  • Old Three Hundred: Austins first settlers

8. The Old Three Hundred

  • The Old Three Hundred
    • Came mostly from the southern US
    • Mostly farmers
    • Many slaveholders
    • Well educated
    • Law-abiding

9. The Old Three Hundred

  • 1825:
    • Colony had over 1,790 people
    • More than400 were slaves

10. The Old Three Hundred

  • Jane Long :one of the Old Three Hundred; was a successful female plantation owner and slaveholder

Jane Long 11. San Felipe de Austin

  • San Felipe de Austin :capital of Austins first colony

Replica of the home of Stephen F. Austin, San Felipe, TX 12. Austins Other Colonies

  • Between 1825-1831 Austin acquired contracts for four more colonies
  • All overlappedhis first except one
  • Became known as Austins Little Colony

Stephen F. Austin 13. Austins Other Colonies

  • Provided settlement for 100 families
  • Suffered frequent Indian attacks
  • Bastrop :capital of Austins Little Colony