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  • 1. Chapter 19:Reconstruction Section 4:Texas after Reconstruction

2. Bellwork

  • Imagine an election is being held for student body president and seventh graders are being allowed to vote for the first time.At the last minute, school officials decide not to let seventh graders vote after all.How would you feel?

3. The Texas Constitution of 1876

  • Democrats call for another constitutional convention
  • 1875 delegates meet:
    • 15 of 90 delegates were Republican
    • 6 Republicans were African American

4. The Texas Constitution of 1876

  • Provisions:
    • Governors term reduced from 4 to 2 years
    • Governors power to appoint officials reduced
    • Legislature returned to meeting biennially

5. The Texas Constitution of 1876

  • Provisions
    • Debt limited to $200,000
    • Funding to public education cut
  • Approved February 1876; still the states basic law

6. The Texas Constitution of 1876

  • U.S. Constitution has 7,000 words
  • Texas Constitution has 100,000 words
  • U.S. Constitution has 27 amendments
  • Texas Constitution has 439 amendments

7. The Texas Constitution of 1876

  • Democrats reversed Davis policies:
    • Removed Republican officials and cut taxes
    • Limited government spending
    • School attendance no longer compulsory
  • 100 years of Democratic rule

8. Segregation & Jim Crow

  • As the power of Radical Republicans decreased, so did African American political power
  • African American civil rights lost as political power declined

9. Segregation & Jim Crow

  • Redeemerstried to restore the south to its prewar days:
    • Limited size of government
    • Cut back African American political participation

10. Segregation & Jim Crow

  • Segregation the forced separation of people of different races in public
  • Jim Crow laws passed to enforce segregation

11. Segregation & Jim Crow

  • Jim Crow laws were passed in the South afterAfrican Americans lost much of their political power

12. 13. 14. 15. The Growth of Tenant Farming

  • End of Reconstruction large landowners returned to power
  • Agriculture remained important to economy
  • Many people could not afford land

16. The Growth of Tenant Farming

  • Tenant Farmers people who rent land to grow crops
  • Landowners usually receives part of crop as payment
  • Some farmers lacked land and necessary supplies

17. The Growth of Tenant Farming

  • Sharecroppers farmers who lacked land and necessary supplies promised a large part of their crops to the land owner in exchange for these items

18. The Growth of Tenant Farming

  • Sharecropping became a way for large landowners tokeep their labor costs very low after the end of slavery .

19. 20. The Growth of Tenant Farming

  • Highest number of tenant farmers were in areas where slavery flourished before the war
  • Black & white were sharecroppers
  • By 1880, around40 percent of Texas farmers were sharecroppers

21. End of Reconstruction Effects on Politics Effects on Farmers Effects on African Americans