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Transcript of The Glenville · PDF fileThe Glenville Mercury ... taken, as bop~ of peace lDve heea...

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    The Glenville Mercury Oflicial W-ldy Student Publication of Glenville State Teachera College

    A Princess I Sophom.are En. Amoa.ofB...........Oie

    Faculty Members Address High School Groups on Importance of Peace

    H. Y. Clark s.,.. a-t Way to ~ Out of War Ia to KDow More About It'

    "War is bad. One of t.ha belt._.,. to keep out of war Is to know more about it," aid Mr. B. Y. Clark, fn stTuet.or in education, during aa &4-dreas beforeo an assembly of Oleo-ville High lkbool, Tbonday.

    .Mr. Clark eplained tlat a few yun ago people thought wan~ were ended: enn irut mtn Wft'tl mia. taken , as bop~ of peace lDve heea shattet'U. Durinl' the period foil.,_

    DeaD H. l. White Telb F.xperieacea WIUie He Wu Member of Army Of Occupat;aao

    The A.nni~e i1 one of the most humiliating docunwnta rtb:t.t waa eve-r im.poU>d on major eountry W'U the opinion De.n H. L. White e:qn'HSed 'n three Armiatit.e Day speeches at Clay High School, Thundsy lllfter-noo!l; at Cedanilleo, Friday monaing; and at a dinner sponaoud by the Gll-ml.'r County Post Of the Amer'iem Leaion, FridQy night in the Whiting Bo~~~e.

    ing the World Wu, when it wae e01n-- eixDe.:n~~~~~li~!itf~~(j 0~~! monly thought that peaee ensted. of 0-upation, whieh was stationed 8,000,001t men were lrilled irl wars. ,,1 Germany following the sianitlg of

    prepared addresses ".B~ of conditions in ~ the Annistice. He Mya, "U eveey-W. IIQI'Phy, dean of rnd Cb~," Jlr. ~'l'k added, "It bod,. unden*ood the ~~ of the loanl&liam of th.e looks u if t.h~re mll'ht 'be another Armistice .. the IJmy of Oc:eapa.

    DHaoW. defeaded ...orld -r, whieh would make ,.._ tioa undentood it, it would M the r-~ , .... ~,~ e41ton ud above, ~pre.ented the ri~ua wan look like a toy." st~ncest arcument pirlat war."

    an by critics theloo ... on class this ,ear aa a pria llr. =k :~ed...'i; :e 1data With thit in mind, t.he Dull dis- The B a lastiptoi'S of llnilkr. ICI the Bome-comillc queea'1 1 n thbll' e11111ed the p~ona of the ~ amettS

    ~~~l..;o:!.::aw. ~d":~:.:::~~:a::d :::::.:.~:: !~~~~e:~:e="~~ HaveaG.S. T . C. ::: :.:= ~'::: :;,:; Am01. t; :-:=!.. wv, or "' aa- ;!at":UtiDU: aad Genua ~~ Attendance Record =~= ==!;: m.wo:S~ The Bamettl U aet a reeor4 at "",......... Has Seen Them Come and Go Gln..m. ,_ ,._... eo...._

    Dr. llurpb:J, wlto il preeideat of a famil7 reeof'd. too.

    :~::~~;:u~ ~~ea!:~ Distinction By the Hundreds; 'He Goes on Forever1

    ta:;-&ll~r:e;!:h!f~:-:. o!t:: ae!;.;:t_:~ ~r:_::: "Woald ;roa, ~ wldte ,eno_a. ob- ~. ~.;::..s;r. r.& Student Teachers ::-t:~!o':;: =~~ iponan ADd Dot of Jeet to your .a.ter'a marryml" a 1'ba. Uaaal Ch&D8'e Work lfi ,JJarJorle &mett, U. a studen\

    =..-=...of _:eDd:;.,~. e~.uo:_::: Proaram h~~=~ be paduated 1a Jo'bD .... uked the memben of the elut "Studeats aad fac:ulty ma;r come --- 1l. iBa:mett. Am. '88, an lnltrlletor ill Soriolop COl (Raca &Dd Popala and ~ but Firestone co- 011 lof'oo AI a coasequenee o! a new state in Wirt County Bich School. Charlet tion Problema). aver. And thil man wbo hall .ciND. ruliq, ~eat te&c:hel"' In the Col E. Barnett.. Jr., fbdlhed in 1985 ad

    UIWiimou obJH:tioa waa relied ~-;'1~ hatf ~=:!~a=:.: lece . will c-Uare c-ritie t:eaeben. Jr.. betrl t.efclliDc la Cla;r B',P ad ia tba alPten auw.ra rec:alftcl hia po~of riew quite muc)a Wachn1c partaen aad crade .. be- School. Att;r. J'rederiek B. Baftlatt bJ' R... E. Preed, iD&'tr'lldor. The ~ the atadenta aad facaltr patq lloa.,.. . reeelvecl a Staallud NormaJ. eertf.

    to the CGDdaaioa thM tlae whoJD 1M bas ....0,. Men COIU ..... :: = ~==:.~=:;-wi~ ~t;rll:!i :":'a:a=o:. ta;: ""-1"'"""' Pparilapa ~ bft .... him tn tlall ;! !:..Z:::r thaa one end ia a Parkenbv.IW bJ" the South Pe~m 00

    IWI1NJ' er aboat u.. eAIDPU. CoiDPIQ'. lin. .DoaaW-Ntoa (f--.

    aecepU." h ..W. wbicb ...,.. bona bQt it Ia fooled at

    bad .. Uta pUUc-Dot aad thaa."

    did Dr.~~~ ..... .......... expai- ll"rillg.

    IIW.IIecftecl~--.................... qb Who and

    .,ad IUl&IJdq U. t:t:rMm of ltD ... vlJ' Suu .Bullett) u6 'l'naaa de~ who ro -b7 Poalbl)o it - oe Obrumgohows Baraett. are A za .. )(n. Chari '&. aanoed to ;roa U..t ;roa too ba.; Ge N Bamett la &D &N. H UHl the aft bee .ubjectM \o 1lla criticai pae. t me ior llr. Jlunett. ll former ata.lh!Dt. Y~:w;~~ !:.e':'a...::': ,O:u~ New Members tia-= !:'!:.'::: ~=- ~=~

    -:u~.:'!i .stwfat." .. ,.. Nlae aew memben are belac iD- F acuity Club iafo,ri .. l ,,,..,., .. u,., ~h~'~':a~:a.::cl ~:. ~':~m~ ,:n::_ho: 1:'*.!~ Entertain~ With

    elad maa;r poiDta whieh to llim an benhi;J ia made pouible by a rec-eat Turkey Dinner ldplkaat. c-oiUth.oUon re't'ieioDr

    Compai;;o01 are ahN.,. ia order, TM DeW" membe, H leded at a .Memben cf the ht'uky CNb be-Georwe iftaiUI that rt.udeata to- meetiq Wedneeday ev-eDiiJI" are: pn their aetirit;iea for tbia 7ear wiU. an leu rtaWe thaD Wftll their Marjorie Bantett, A17c-e Marie Boa a turke;r clinnu U.. t b... Collece

    of tome,._,.. aro. nett, Terua 'Butcher, Ruth ADMHI J.ounce, WectnHCiay >EI'enin&", at 7


    Tbat Graclea .. Give You Some Idea

    Or Y011r Proi(J"lea

    An Annistlce Da;r ;JI'OI'IUl ....._. be directiM ot Dr. C. L. Un~

    waa -preant.ed. Friday momitll' at 10 'c:loe-k in the Collqe auditoriiiiiL ~rincipal speakers during the oae-hour n:erc:iae were Dexter Dot.e. t..wrence Nuce ~t~d Kenton Ben"J, all st~dents In the Collep.

    Dr. Undet"WOM. expreued the _ .... iment of the occ:aaion with: .,.,_ hough we are living ia time of ..,.

    vad rumors of wan. let ua be tllaak.... rut that .... hne peac-e!'

    Dot.aoa, former member of .._ Cirilian Coneenatioa Corp .. por-

    thel marita. of the o~ duelopm.ot of ;routh, .-....

    mentally and eoelall)', ,... die Ida addna Aa bnql:utr'

    a c..c.c. eamp dv;rlq lUI ...... showed a .. rtetr ot aolhf..

    clesiped to promo.. ... p b a a a of dnelopmeat of

    member of the NMioul ia v.ader the eo.....t

    ofthd&ta. .... upecta of the ~

    miUta:r7UDit Ia~ the Federal Conttitat:loa. n.

    ill. peacetime la to ...,. in cue of atrika.. loodlt

    to impoaaible ,_. daty in naftl aeniee,.. .ul a former member of the U. B. Bia M1'Yiee wu abo8nl ea. Califomia. whleb carried a

    1100 mea and 100 o-.... .battleeblpt. the u.s.a. we and the U.B.S. ~

    tlaaa the Cdfonda. frulmwa _,. f..t 4:IaM

    ~-~-are uecl In CI'OMIDc tt. and the la:touUoaal ...._ DINC'ft' pay for ~ .t,.

    c:ommoa bond for 111!1aool ..._ aad caval mea, Ben7 ~

    18 =~tn~cl:; What Is - ., ..:!.::.::;"' .. ~:.'~ A Freshman?

    the;, .,. not aa;r wone," he Hall, Genlclma lloCitlla, Orris Stut- o'clock. .. The,. hav-en't crown. ap, aDd ler, Philip Brake, Robert Butcher The committee on ~m~~~.,,~ 1

    c-oUeJ'I la suppoaed to bdp brilll' this ad McDonald, conaiatiDJ' of Mn. E. G.

    'l'e ..tft Cha probttm of inac:-ra~q, lb', llurpbr arpcl an auaek 8 ., ...._. m,._

    .to:*'IICbool the youag Iolk MJ du:.b.t~ ::n;:a~~~ a;o:.;.tu:;n: ..... JoDI'IIalism ao that the~ wUI univel'lity- noYlce---one in the rud-MI be lp~ Jt U. .the funcbon af iment. of lmowlf!'d&'e. t. ldlool of JODrD~~ to ~~ee But to me a fretl:Jman ia one who CJt a. -:.d:t,~!" aee ~ be is to college with aixtem or more = ~'k on ~~r~~~:u~ .. ;o:;;~

    attends campu1 adiVIlieL goes a.saembly euh Wdnesday, look.a

    up t.o hi superiors ~nd enten via the hack door.

    aboul" A three-.aet play pre't'iou.tly an- and Kr. E&rl Jl. Soap. He bas deGnlte icleaa about young ftnnced for Oeeember will be liven a Thanltqi\:tng moCif.

    mea and womea wbo are di8poaed t.o b;r the dub durinc the set'1)ad Members of the Clllb \die about the hallwaya talking aim semel'ter. lusly, It ia a fairly good sign of --~--- rames. uppercluamen playft the studenta who do aot take their work CANTERBURY CLUB MMBER.S .Members pruent were-: Miss Be.s- game of their c:oUc-ge career as seriously aa they used to. In tbis TO TELL STEVEN.SON"S .ST&RIES sie Boyd Bell, pres ident the Fac Frsbm.aa Harry Coop~tr oat.-rnatter, U.oul'b, "It ia better this Ste't'tt~son's storiu will entertain ulty Club, Miss Bertha E. Olaen, Misa witted (perhape just outran) ~e. fall than I've seen for a good while.'' the C.ntel'lbury Club tomorrow night Goldie James, Mias S..tbleen Robert;. score the lone aDd winaing touf!lt.

    George's conduaions aa t.o when a at '1 o'c:loek. Stories to be told are: son, Mia Willa Brsad, Miu Ivy Lu down. bec:omes really c-ollegiate is "WiD 0' 'the Mill," Mont a .Seal; Myers, Miu Margaret Kenne7. Min Pajama-dad first year men N-

    : "He begins to act. like a college 'Ukrkheim," B&rbara Haumann, and Wilerma !White, Mias Alms Ar- ceived loyal support from their by the time he cet.s throqh." "The Botti Imp," Marjorie Barnett. buckle, Mr. Hunter Whitiq, Presi- blue-c:apped colleagues in the gNDd

    ----------------'=-==--, ~ent and. Mn. E. G. Rohrbough, Mr. stand-all were flghting for oae and Mn. B. Laban Whit.e, Mr. and thing : The privilt'l'e of haTiac Campus Coeds Prefer Saturday Night ~i~~ :.~ic~~:n:":;. !~ ~'::. :_r;. rreshm':~h:~~~a~if~dCha~~

    Out; Favorite Hymn, 4ln the Garden' ;::r~o~~~~~. M:~dan~~-rs. 8~. ~: you: blue c:apa, Ita motbbau. ,_ Survey Reveala Likea Aad Dislike.. By .. words And Bedtime Hours l

    and "shueks," each used by tlliO In diVldual by.words da:rtmctly predom1 nate

    Clark, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Shreve, Mr. -and Mn. C. W. Post~ Mn. Nora V. Roberts.. tMiss Crnce Lorntz, and Mn Emma 1Spe1r

    bit of unity of opiniou reflected in a CHURCH BEGIN TODAY VIOUTES MEN'S WEEK CODE Agre-ed to disagree seems the one SERVICES AT M. E. I

    recent survey \l'lade in the women's ---halls. A nationally