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    The Glenville Mercury Vol. XXXlV, No. 12 Glenville State College, Glenville, W. Va. Wednesday, March 20, 1963

    Teacher Education Program Is Changed 'STILL LlFE" REHEARSAL Mr .Coleman

    Has Chosen Play Casts

    Mr. William S. E . Coleman has announced the casts for three plays, two of which are to -be presented in the Little Theatre in the near future.

    " The Lesson" by Eugene Jones-co is one of the theatre of the absurd plays. It deals symbolic-ally with the ruination of a young mind by pedantry.

    The led, tha Professor, will be plyed by Larry Wolfe with Greta Jmes and Pat Britton pleying the student end the maid respectively.

    The second play, Noel Coward's " Ways and Means" is a oneact story about a couple who have gambled away aU tbeir money at the Riveria an,_d are searching lor a way to continue living in lux. ury. The play deals with the way they do this.

    The cast contl&ts of Mry Biel, WiUiem Mede, W1yman John-"" Krolyn Lowther, Lanny Pet ry, Sherry Curtis and Cheryl Flaher.

    PICTURED ABOVE are Judy Godbey and Jack Brown u they rehHne for the one4 ac-t drama " Still Life" to be presented on GSC Campus soon. Supporting cut me-mbers for the drama ue: S_herry Curtis, Pat Britton, J im Buah, Phil RamMy, Tom I...W..rt, W111iam MeecM. T..n G\IN'IM, Heten Curwti,.ham and Loretta Dw.lle. Echnnt V. Nichol& is "'*"' cU..-ctor of the play.-(Mer~oto by F-r.4eridl)

    The third play, Noel Coward's "Fumed Oaks," will not be pre-5ented on campus but will be de-veloped in the Play Production II class. Those in the cast are Helen Cunningham, Wayman Johnson, Karolyn lAwther and Pat Britton.

    Five GSC Women To Live In HMH

    Women who will be living in the Home Management House tor fourth term are Judy Swisher, J a nice Underwood, Catherine Mills, Gracie Metheney and Susie Nangle.

    Gracie Metheney is a junior English and home economics stu dent from Hico. The other four women are home economics stu-dents. Miss Mills is a junior from Buckhannon ; Miss Nangle is a senior from Belle; Miss Swisher is a senior from Buckhannon ; Miss Underwood b a senior from Frametown.

    Platforms Due March 27 For Student Council Vote

    March 27 is the deadline for candidates to submit their names and platforms for the 1963-64 Student Council elec-tion . Platforms may be .;ubmitted to any Council member.

    Plans are being made by the Council for an assembly to be held April 4 in the gymnasium. At this time each can-didate will give an oral pres-entation of h~ platform.

    AJl.campus election will be held April 10 in tbe Student Union. Last year the junior class led the num-ber of students voting with 90 per cent ol the class participating in lhe election. Seniors had 80 pea-cent, sophomores 80 per cent and freshmen 71 per cent.

    the Student Counc:il. All class presidents are consid

    ered members of the Student Council.

    GSC Band presented a concert at Burnsville High School March 13.

    Conforms With Trends Throughout Nation

    Some significant changes have been made in the Pro-gram for Teacher Education at Glenville State College. These changes have been made f or the purpose of strengthening the teacher training program so that the professional and


    The works of Robert F rost were the topic of discussion at the March 10 meeting of the GSC Lit. erary Society.

    T entative date !or the next meet-ing is April 7. Topic of discussion will be selected short stories of Edgar Allan Poe.

    The Literary Society has been invited to participate in a discus-sion of contemporary poetry at W. Va. Wesleyan College March 30. This program will be followed by a steak dinner. Guest speaker will be David Ignatow, editor of the poetry section of "Nation."

    Wilm a Stanley, sophomore Eng. lish and library science student, was recently elected vice-presi-dent. She replaced Barbara J ef. feries who is now serving as presi-dent.

    Fine Arts Week Begins April 28

    To encourage creative activity this year GSC is initiating a Fine Arts Festival, which will be held Apr il 28-May 3. It is hoped that it will become an annual affair .

    This type of program has be come traditional on many campus-es throughout the nation.

    Those departments participating in the Festival are the Division Of Fine and Applied Arts and the Speech Department.

    Te-ntative program of activities include choir concert, foreign film, art exhibition with formal o p e n i n g and pr~tsentation of awrds, a minimum of three plays including n original nd the In-tercollegiate Festival pL1y, a panel

    (Continued on Page 4)

    personal competency of those licensed to teach will be im-proved.

    These changes have been made as a r esult of considerable study by the GSC staff m e m b e r s. Changes are in conformity with national trends and the now esta~ Hshed standards of accrediting agencies for programs in teacher education.

    Students will no long~r be con-sidered as candidates !or an AB degree in education until they have been off.iciaUy admitted to a program in teacher training. Stu dents will enroll in p re-education until they have been admitted to Teacher Education candidacy.

    Students who will have complet. ed a total Of 74-semester hours or more by the end of the present semester, May 24, 19&3, are not ~ff.,cte-d.

    The program will become efiec-tive in its entire ty for all students who enroll for the fir st time at Glenville State College after June 1, 1963.

    All students who will have com-pleted less than 74semester hours by the end of the current semester, May 24, 1963, must do the follow-ing in order to be admitted:

    1. B~ttwe.n April 1 nd April 10, 1963, secure en pplication blnk for Admission to Teacher Eduea tion from the Education Office, Room 300, Admin istration Build-ing.

    2. Complete the ppliction blank nd have it approved by the Adviser , the Chairmn of the Divisions (or other designated per. sons) in which teaching fields are planned, the Dean of Student AHa irs {mal e students) or the Den of Women (female students), and a staH member of the Divi. sion of Education and Phychology from whom he has had Education. 101 or 102. Ret urn the completed. blank to the Education office by April 13, 1963.

    3. Take the English Proficiency (Continued on page 4)

    Teacher Exam Is Requirement

    P~;;:n:~ :.:: s::!:::t ~ni~ ;;; GSC STUDENT GOVERNME~T The West Virginia Board of

    Education at a meeting Feb. 6 . 7, 1963, adopted a regu-lation requiring that all grad-uating eniors take the Na-tional Teacher Examination. Exam i nation requirement~ will be effective next year with the graduating class of 1964.

    Mmutes o( the Board meeting read, in part. concerning this ex-amination: "A11 students gr aduat. ing in teacher education programs from institutions approved by the Board for teacher preparation and traming shall be required, during the1r senior year, to take the Na tional Teacher Examination, tests to bE" (urnished by each institu Uon and given under the direction of the State Department of Edu ca tion with complete report to Board and to each teacher train ing institution."

    In reg.rd to this examination, Dean Somerville pointed out that stude nt, will not be passed or faj f. ed on the buis of this test, but results will buome a part of their records. Results of the test will measure the achievement of stu-

    (Continued on pae:e 4)

    'tudenh voted for expan&ion nd ill!.lt"",..... .... __________ '"_!!'!l'll_.,. 17 -od.

    Eight candidates submitted plat-forms in the 1962-63 election. There were two candidates for each office except that of the pres-Ident. The president was chosen by write-in vote .

    The elected oHicers of the 1962-63 Council were: Bill Maxwell, president ; J ohn Hopson, vice pres-ident; Ruth Just ice, secretary; Jerry Morg1n, trer~urer ; ~nd Gary Waggoner, sergeant at arms.

    Several changes have been made in the Council officers. Douglas Watt has held the office oJ vice president during the third term . Hopson, the student elected officer, has b~en ill and he wm assume the duties of president during the fourth term. The elected president, Bill Maxwell, will be doing direct-ed teaching. Consequently, Watt will continue as the vice president.

    Carolyn Dotson was chosen by the Student Council to serve as Council aecretlry from November until the end of the year. Miss Justice, the Student elected aecre-tary, did directed teching during the a.econd term and wa gradu ted from GSC in January.

    J erry Morgan treasurer, will do direded teaching fourth term and a replacement will be chosen by

    Seated from left to right are Mr. Stanley t-!a ll, Student Council adv iser; Bill Maxwell, president; Caro-.lrn Dohon. secretry; Douglas Watt,. v ice p res1dent ; Pat Briscoe, sophomore p resident. Standing, left to right : Bob Marsha ll, fr~shman pres1dent; Jerry Mo rgan, t reasurer; Gary Waggoner, sergeant-at-arms; John ~errls, senior presuMnt.-(M.,-Photo by Frederick}

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    THE GLENVILLE MERCURY Student Newspaper of Glenville St ate College

    Glenville, .West Virginia Entered as second .:lass matter November 23, 1929, at the post

    office at Glenville, W. Va., under the act of March 3, 1879. Pub-lished every other Wednesday during the academic year except on holidays by the classes in journalism a t Glenville State College.

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