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  • 1. How Techie Am I?
    Tech 2015

2. Alarm goes off on my mobile.
3. I hit snooze and get up.
4. I get ready while my laptop boots.
5. Alarm goes off again 9 minutes later.
6. By this time its playing one MP3 or another.
7. I check my emails.
8. Alarm goes off and I log off the computer.
9. Raid the fridge and make coffee.
10. Out the door. 9 minutes is a good time indicator.
11. Get to campus and check the time on my mobile.
12. In a lab, check any work that needs doing.
13. Open any programs necessary.
14. Spend the rest of the day checking phone for texts and time.
15. Home, login to emails and youtube. Follow links to anything funny.
16. Take the laptop downstairs as its wireless and watch a DVD.
17. Set an alarm for the next day, rinse and repeat unless its a night out and the laptop gets a night off. Then the phone is just used as a text base. So, no more techie than most.