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  • 1.Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteTechie Brekkie At this our first Techie Brekkie we will introduce Evernote to our staff, using Haiku Deck. We chose Evernote first because it is able to be used on multiple devices and platforms. Not all of our teachers have iPads!

2. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteHaiku Deck We are using Haiku Deck for this presentation to introduce it to those of you who have iPads. Get the free app and experiment. We can help if you wish! 3. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteEvernote Evernote is a place to keep everything - well almost! Certainly you can keep all of your notes in Evernote, and much, much more! It has great organizational potential for you! It is web based, and the apps for tablets are free. 4. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteAccess on multiple devices Accessible on all devices: Computers (desk top and laptop, tablets and smart phones. 5. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteMultiple Platforms Cross platform access: Android, Apple, Microsoft. Notes and notebooks are accessible online and offline. 6. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteNotes It is easy to create and save your own notes. 7. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteArticles Articles from many sources can be saved to Evernote! 8. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteNotebooks Save multiple notes to Notebooks. 9. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteStacks On your desk top or laptop computer notebooks can be organized into stacks, which is like having a pile of notebooks. 10. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteStacks These stacks are then available on your tablet. 11. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteSyncing Notes, notebooks and stacks are able to be synced across all of your devices. 12. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteSharing notebooks You can share notebooks with colleagues and students. shared notebooks are 'stamped' with a share icon like this one. You can give colleagues and students a variety of access levels from read only to editing privileges. Your choice. 13. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteAudio You can create Audio files in Evernote. 14. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernotePhotos Upload photos. 15. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteClassroom uses Students work in portfolios 16. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteClassroom use Record students reading, speaking or presenting. 17. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteWhat else? We've shared an Evernote Notebook with you all. Check your emails for the link. Then read the note you find there. You will also find in the Notebook a PDF of this presentation. 18. Techie Brekkie No. 1: EvernoteGet on Board! Have a go with Evernote before our next breakfast session. And if you have an iPad, try out Haiku Deck too! Be prepared next time to share your experiences in the classroom with either or both of these.