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My presentation at The Ninth National Interactive Teaching and Learning Conference

Transcript of Twitter, Techie brekkie and Teachmeets

  • 1. Twitter, Techie brekkies and TeachMeets Break down the barriers to tech integrationand 21st century thinking among staff at your school and reinvigorate your own and your school staff development program

2. Who am I?1. Henrietta Miller Year 6 teacher Roseville College1. http://www.classroomchronicles.net2. http://www.techiebrekkie.net3. 3. A typical teachers day 4. Why you should connect? 5. Who do you connect with?1. Your grade buddies?2. Your department colleagues? TechieBrekkies1. Other local schools? Teachmeets1. The world Twitter Edmodo Facebook Blogs and wikis 6. How can I connect?UsingUsing socialtraditional PDmedia Image thanks to Dean Groom 7. Four ways to learn1. Professionals teaching teachers Traditional staff PD days Conferences workshops1. Teachers teaching themselves Twitter, reading, studying1. Teachers teaching teachers Techie brekkies and TeachMeets1. Students teaching teachers and each other The Bloggers Caf Tech support groups 8. Image thanks toAlex Couros 9. Dont be scared 10. PLN 11. Your content 12. Oz Edmodo group code 53d8dq 13. What is the best part of a conference? 14. What happens next?1. Do you share with colleagues and your school? Techie Brekkies1. Do you share with other local schools? Teachmeets1. Do you share with the world? Twitter Edmodo Blogging Facebook 15. So just what are the barriers?What are you doing tohelp? 16. How can you change?1. Can you teach other teachers at your school? Hold Techie Brekkie1. Can you teach yourself? Connect on Twitter? Read some blogs?1. Can you teach other teachers at other schools Hold a TeachMeet1. Can your students teach other teachers and each other? Visit The Bloggers Caf Create a Tech support group 17. 18. TeachMeets 19. #TMSydney 20. TeachMeet Sydney 21. Students learning with each other 22. Henrietta Miller@henriettamihttp://www.classroomchronicles.nethttp://www.techiebrekkie.net 23. Contact Information