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An animated digital story of two girls' dependence on Technology.Retold by Tanisha Guy and Gary Le Marquand

Transcript of How techie are thelma and louise

  • 1. How techie are Thelma and Louise?
    An animated digital story
    retold by Tanisha Guy and Gary Le Marquand

2. We are quite techie
Thelma and Louise discover how much they truly rely on technology although they try to hide it.
3. Thelma
4. but we dont want to admit it
The girls wear normal clothing in a bid to disguise their techy-roots and attempt to blend in with ordinary, non techy, folk.
5. 6. Thelma cant make it through the day without her iPod
Thelma takes her iPod with her wherever she goes; no matter what, she has to have her precious iPod with her.
7. Whilst Reading
Whilst Cooking
And even when shes
On the toilet
8. Louise doesnt function without her phone
Louise is constantly calling and texting on her phone.
9. 10. We live on our laptops
The girls dont even hold a regular conversation without doing it via a chat service.
11. We live on our laptops, chat on our laptops, and sometimes do uni work on our laptops too
12. We use Facebook to keep in contact
13. iTunes to store our music
14. and iPlayer to cure our boredom
15. without texting and email
Their mothers would panic if they dont hear from their daughters every day.
16. 17. Without Word
18. IMDB answers
What movies has he been in?
19. 20. and Amazon eats up our loans..
21. Without technology
The girls realise how much they truly rely on technology, and that they really are quite techy even though they dont want to admit it.
we would be SO bored and lost.