How Techie am I?

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This is a story about Thelma and Louise who use a lot of technology but don't want to admit it.With a basic story, I had to retell this in a linear fashion using images and text.

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  • 1. digital storytelling A Multimedia project A Multimedia project A Multimedia project
    • How Techie are Thelma and Louise?


  • My task is to retell the following story into a linear multimedia presentation using a combination of images (photos & images) and text.

3. How Techie Are Thelma and Louise?

  • We are quite techie, but we dont want to admit it. Thelma cant make it through the day without her ipod, and Louise doesnt function without her phone. We live on our laptops, chat on our laptops, and sometimes do uni work on our laptops too. We use Facebook to keep in contact, iTunes to store our music and iPlayer to cure our boredom.Without texting and e-mail our mothers will be panicking, without Word we wouldnt be able to spell and without Blackboard we will turn up to the wrong lectures, with the wrong lecture notes.Google settles our arguments; google it! google it!, Internet movie database answers the what movies has he been in? and Amazon eats up our loans.Without technology, we would be SO bored.....and lost.

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