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The Techie TeacherJaime Ann McQueen B.S. M.S.Ed


A little bit about meI have been teaching High School Science at Tuloso Midway Academic Career Center for almost 5 years.Previously, I worked in technology for 5 yearsI received my Bachelors in Biology/Chemistry and my Masters in Educational Technology, I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in EducationI am very passionate about teaching students, Science, and technology.I have a wonderful family that is supportive of my research.

Me testing out the camera on a new classroom computer

Presentation SummaryI willDiscuss why technology is a great way to help our studentsExplain why educational technology is becoming increasingly importantDemonstrate how I use technology in my classroom and give examples of how you can too!Show plenty of technology resources.

Technology and StudentsWe are in an increasingly Tech world

Technology is present in all generations

Increasing technology yields increasing information (unfortunately, not all of it is accurate)

As educators we must guide students and show them how to use technology in education

Technology should be used as a tool to help education, not replace it. (Dewey, 1915)

If we teach todays students as we taught yesterdays, we rob them of tomorrow -John Dewey

Technology For LearningWe can use technology to help our students

Model conceptsAllow for individualized instructionTo enhance learningTo inspire creativityTo AccelerateTo RemediateTo ReviewAnd more

Technology is ImportantSTaR ChartDigital TextbooksOnline STAAR administrationMany TEKS focus on student use of technology to communicate

More technology is coming

Is an extensive website based video-tutorial resource.

Tutorials cover everything from creating SmartBoard lessons to promoting sales through your company website.

Lynda has a vast array of professionally created video

19952014, Inc. All rights reserved. Program SummaryBenefitsConsiderationsHuge database of video tutorialsTutorials can come with real time exercise files, meaning you can create along with the video!Teacher Tips series provides constantly updated Technology tutorials for teachersSite has multiple levels of subscription following your 30 day free trial, they are worth it!Lynda has so much information, you should check it out for yourself!30 Day free trial and then subscription based (many plans to choose from)Lynda gives tutorials for all sorts of programs, but you must have them is very fun and addicting with how much you can learn. You will want to set aside some free time! Video Video

Adobe Creative Cloud Is a cloud based service where you get access to Adobes best products, works across multiple devices.

Creative Cloud also comes with a free 20G storage on Adobes server, you can work on your projects at home and at school.

Creative Cloud has also been designed with both Educators and Students in mind, the low subscription amount gives you access to everything!

Copyright 2014 Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Adobe Creative Cloud Program SummaryBenefitsConsiderationsAll of the Adobe programs you use, subscription based. Use anywhere.Creative cloud is cloud based, you can access your files at school or at home!Programs are constantly being updatedCreative Cloud has packages specifically for teachers and studentsAdobe programs allow you to do everything from creating a PDF to creating a Physics website for your class!Subscription for Educators and students is cheap, but requires a one year commitment.Software will run differently on different computersMust have an internet connection to make downloads, program updates, etc.Again, there is so much to do in Creative Cloud, be sure to set aside free time!

Adobe Creative Cloud Video

Adobe Creative Cloud Video

Corona SDK

iBooks Author

iAd Producer


Kwik is Plug-in that works with Adobe Photoshop.

It allows you to use the graphic interface aspect of Adobe Photoshop to design Apps, Animations, and interactive environments across multiple devices.


Kwik and Kutt product and logos and Kwiksher are properties of - Copyright 2011-2013

Kwik Program SummaryBenefitsConsiderationsKwik works easily with PhotoshopImports projects into Corona SDK, No coding required from youMake apps across all devices and operating systemsLots of support / tutorials on websiteFree trial and then one time fee.Requires Photoshop and Corona SDK be installed to run.Previous Photoshop knowledge is helpfulPlug in and software installation knowledge requiredCode cant be edited directly, since program is graphic based.

Kwik Video

Kwik YouTube Video

Works CitedDewey, J. (2001/1915). The school and the society & the child and the curriculum. Mineola, NY: Courier Dover Publications.