You know you are a techie teacher when

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A light hearted look at techie teachers.

Transcript of You know you are a techie teacher when

  • 1.You know you are a techieteacher when...

2. You eat ,sleep and breathe tech 3. You wear black for no reason. 4. You drag your colleagues intobeing techie too. 5. When the colleagues just say Great, thanks with no added comment and then change thesubject...and you get the Thanks for not sharing face. 6. You just know...when they dont ask you any follow-upquestions regarding your articulately statedtechnical explanations. 7. You spend more time on theweekend weeding out your Inbox. 8. You know that TweetDeck is not a patio with a lot of birds. 9. The ratio of computers tostudents gets you excited 10. You express yourself with emoticons :D 11. You dont panic when you deletea file...because you have a back up of the back up of the backups:))) 12. You care about embeddablewidgets 13. You use Ctrl+Z to delete inWord, F1 for help and F10 to turn sound off 14. You can no longer easily find apen,paper or a pencil 15. You know theres an app for that 16. Acknowledgements Images Sites @sally07 July 2012