Staffing Beyond the Accidental Techie

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Lisa Colton's presentation to the Darim Onl

Transcript of Staffing Beyond the Accidental Techie

  • 1.Staffing BeyondThe AccidentalTechiePresented by Lisa Colton,Founder & President Darim OnlineLisa@darimonline.org434.977.1170

2. Agenda What is an accidental techie? What function do they serve? When do you outgrow it? How staffing models are shifting. Where is your need, and how to get there. 3. TheAccidentalTechie 4. The Accidental TechieIn the field of nonprofit technology, anaccidental techie is an individual who hasgravitated toward responsibility for anorganizations information technologyinfrastructure, even though his or herprofessional training or job description didnot include tasks of this kind. -Websters Online Dictionary 5. How Accidental Techies DifferLearning curve is too steep You love the challenge and want to learn!Perceived risk is greater than potential reward Youre always trying new things, reflecting, evolving!Dont see how rules of the game are changing Evidence of new rules are in front of you daily!Dont extrapolate beyond the technology itself You know technology isnt the magic bullet! 6. TheOrganizationalNeed 7. Ultimate GoalHelp your organizationevolve for success in the digital age -- for its ownsake and for the sake of the people you reach and impact! 8. Used to be changewas riskier thanthe status quo Today, notchanging maybe more risky. 9. Assisting Co-Workersand Volunteers 10. Working as a Coordinated TeamTo Get Somewhere 11. StaffingConsiderations 12. WHAT SKILLS ANDCAPACITY DO YOU NEEDTO START SHIFTINGHOW YOU DO WHAT YOU DO? 13. Adjusting or Developing Job DescriptionsProgram DirectorsSocial Media Managers CommunityManagersNetwork Weavers 14. WHAT SORT OF TRAINING ORSUPPORT DO YOU NEED TOSHIFT THESE ROLES? 15. Go Beyond The Technology Alone:John Fitchs Steam Engine 16. Go Beyond The Technology Alone:John Fitchs Steam Engine