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A short presentation of technology tools for teachers looking to transform education. Useful as a 'heads up' rather than an in depth study

Transcript of Ten Techie Tools for Teachers

  • 1. Doug Woods Ten Techie Tools Teachers Could Choose To Use To Transform Teaching and Learning

2. 1.Twitter www. twitter .com 3. 1.Twitter WhyTwitter ? Itsfree Itseasyto use 4. 1.Twitter TransformsHow? Teacherscan connect,collaborateand share Learnerscan connect,collaborateand share, bringinglearningopportunities fromoutsidethe school, classroom 5. 2.Primary Pad www. primarypad .com 6. 2.Primary Pad WhyPrimary Pad ? aimed atlearnersand teachers additionaltools for drawing 7. TransformsHow? 2.Primary Pad allowscooperativeandcollaborativewriting bylearners supportsgroupandprojectwork works within aschoolorclass alsocross-classorcross-schoolworking 8. 3.Apple www. apple .com/ uk / 9. 3.Apple ipodtouch ipad 10. 3.Apple WhyiPod TouchoriPad ? mostversatileandportabledevices putslearningandresourcesin thehandsof thelearner, (almost literally) 11. TransformsHow? 3.Apple ubiquitoustechnology - can be used(almost)anywhere use single functionappsrather than bloated multi-functional software apps can bemixedandmatchedto suitpurpose 12. 4.Evernote www. evernote .com 13. 4.Evernote WhyEvernote ? notescan betakenandstoredonmany devicesvia web notes anddocumentscan beshared itsfree 14. 4.Evernote TransformsHow? nomoreexcusesfor lost work teacherandlearnerscan pass documents to each other allowscollaborative exchangeof documents nomore need forusb sticks 15. 5.Dropbox www. dropbox .com 16. 5.Dropbox WhyDropbox ? allows files to bestoredandaccessedalmost anywhere files can beshared 17. 5.Dropbox TransformsHow? allowsworkto be safelystored allowsworkto beexchanged allowsworkto beaccessedfrom almost anydevice nomoreusb sticks 18. 6.Wordpress www. edublogs .org 19. 6.Wordpress Whywordpress ? leadingbloggingplatform additionalfunctionalityvia plugins mostlyfree 20. 6.Wordpress TransformsHow? allowsjournallingand simpleportfoliosto be created supportscollaborativelearning viacommentingandlinking extendsandcaptureslearningbeyondschool can demonstrateinformallearning 21. 7.YouTube www. youtube .com 22. 7.YouTube Whyyoutube ? bringsvideocontent intolearning videoscan beembeddedinto other, text, work supportscreativeuse ofvideo 23. 7.YouTube TransformsHow? allows users tocreateandsharevideo material insupportof learning videomaterial can beexchangedbetweenhomeandschool 24. 8.Pocket Video Camera www. theflip .com 25. 8.Pocket Video Camera Whya pocket video camera ? allowslearnerstocreatesimple video clips of theirlearning allowsteacherstocreatesimple video clips createsvideoevidenceof learning supportsSENand assistsinclusion 26. 8.Pocket Video Camera TransformsHow? bringsvideointolearningandteaching can helpengagelearners supportsSENlearners supports visual learners allowsvideomaterial to beexchangedbetweenschoolsin support oflearning allowsvideoevidence to be included inportfolios . createsvideomaterial forVLE s 27. 9.MindMeister www. mindmeister .com 28. 9.MindMeister Whymindmeister ? allowsmindmapsto becreatedonlinecollaboratively supportsvisual learning allowsteam planningacross schools, departments or subject specialists 29. 9.MindMeister TransformsHow? allowscollaborativeapproach to planning supports visual learners 30. 10.Learning Score www. learningscore .org 31. 10.Learning Score Whylearningscore ? breaks awayfrompaper-basedlesson planning promotesinclusionofdigital mediain lessons works withvleandwebstored resources itsflexibleapproach toplanningmakesdifferentiationeasier to support. 32. 10.Learning Score TransformsHow? bringsdigital resourcesinto the heart of lessons creates digitallesson plansthat can be easilysharedwith other users oradapted breaksthe mould ofpaperbased lesson planning increasedflexibilityto supportdifferentiation 33.