SOCIAL MEDIA SERIES 2019-12-07¢  - Cars/trucks = $5 Use outside sources to help you post...

download SOCIAL MEDIA SERIES 2019-12-07¢  - Cars/trucks = $5 Use outside sources to help you post Craigslist

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Transcript of SOCIAL MEDIA SERIES 2019-12-07¢  - Cars/trucks = $5 Use outside sources to help you post...




    • Mike Hoy is your Dedicated Mortgage Consultant from Marketplace Home Mortgage

    • We have many great mortgage solutions available!

  • What is Craigslist?

    • Local classifieds– post your listings and services

    • Can find everything! Jobs, housing, goods, services, romance!

    • 50 billion page views a month

    • 60 million people using craigslist a month in the US

    • Starting to charge money for more and more types of ads

  • What We Will Cover

    • Navigating the new (NEW) rules

    • Ad Creation

    • Best practices

    • Craigslist Dos & DON’Ts

    • Examples


    Post, post, post, fast, fast, fast

    You can only post to 1 category, in 1 city, no more than once every 48 hours

    “ “

    Free Fees depend on city and service - Jobs = $25 - Cars/trucks = $5

    “ “

    Use outside sources to help you post

    Craigslist ad tracker and sites like postlets are now in violation of the “terms and services”

    “ “

    Clickable hyperlinks to website, IDX, email, etc.

    Links do not work – have to copy & paste

    Cannot say “copy & paste” can only type website

    Offer item of value/service (lead capture) - Buyers: more houses - Sellers: articles

    Offer item/service of value - mortgage calculator, relocation service, financing, etc.

    Cannot offer a service

    Ads on property categories - Price ranges, geographical

    areas school zones

    Ads on property categories Singe, specific, currently available property

  • New Rules

    • Each real estate for sale posting must be 100% about a single, specific, currently available property

    • Lead capture, loans/financing, services, offers to buy, lists/directories, and/or driving users to a website are not allowed

  • New Rules - DO

    Please DO include:

    • All relevant information about the specific property you are selling

    • Multiple high-quality photos of the specific property on offer

  • New Rules – DON’T Please DO NOT include:

    • Cartoon or graphic images, photographs of yourself or other people

    • Links to “more information” elsewhere

    • Photos with “click below”, contact info, or other writing on it

    • Search links (aka deep links)

    • Information about multiple properties

    • Advertisements for services of any kind, including financing or loan info

    • Advice about buying or selling or market conditions

  • What You Need

    • An account – with a phone number & email

    • A listing

    • Headline/title

    • Photos

    • Property info

    • Your contact info – PHONE NUMBER

  • Headline/Title

    • Keyword heavy YET appealing to the audience

    • Think about what they would put in the search bar/Google

    • Post like you are the consumer

    • Combo of being vague and specific • Vague: 3 BEDROOM HOME IN WEST METRO


    • Vague – more leads, specific – ready to buy

    • Use eye catching titles and symbols

    • Consumers are in “Browsing Mode”

  • Title Examples


    • REMODELED 4 bd Home in perfect East Naples location

    • Live the Life You Love on Marco

    • 3 br – Walk to Shops on 5th Avenue

    • DREAM HOME w/ POOL and Fabulous Updates!

    • Adorable Family home in Naples Park!! Fall in love NOW!


    • YOUR 1ST HOME!

    • Beautiful 3 br, 2 bath Olde Naples home with pool!

  • Ad Creating





  • Step 1 . Create an account

    Go to Craigslist, enter your email address and follow directions that they send.

  • 2. Posting Description/ Teaser

    • Keep it short and specific

    • All relevant info about the specific property

    • Agent notes

    • Don’t sell anything else here!

    • Phone number in the 1st line

    • Make it about the house not about you

  • Step 2. Create Your Ad

    Go to Craigslist, enter your email address and follow directions that they send.

  • Start with a “eye catching” title

    Zip Code is required

  • In the posting body: • Be sure content matches headline • 2 calls to action • Your contact information (I like doing this with a photo

    to keep robots at bay)

  • Offer something of value

    • Free first time homeowner guide • CMA • Staging tips • Etc.

  • 3. Images!

    • EVERY ad should have one!

    • DON’T put up every picture of the house – 3-5 max

    • Only images of the property (HIGH QUALITY)

    • Don’t want people to eliminate the house/ad and move onto the next ad with a picture of the garage or basement bathroom they don’t like

    • Square (640x480)

  • Brand your photos

  • 4. Contact Info

    • Phone number

    • Brokerage

    • Name

    • Short “About us”/ Slogan

    • Address

    • Website

  • New rule --- you can not use the ad for the

    sole purpose of sending the customer to another web site. For example "all Naples homes with pool—Go to". There has to be a product (house) for sale.

    putting the web address can be there to further the information, but not the primary focus.

  • Use the copy and paste strategy:

  • Best Practices

    • Post once every 48 hours

    • Stay on the TOP of the page

    • Repost! • Brings it back to the top of the list • After 48 hours have elapsed • You will have to RENEW it after 30 days • Change the headline – but keep same ad

    • Post enough to appeal to a wide enough audience

    • Use multiple “contact info” templates – switch ‘em up!


  • Ask them to text you for more information.

    • Starts the conversation • Easier for them to do as opposed

    to calling • Captures their Phone #

  • • No more than 3 ads at a time • Space your postings out • Try multiple approaches • Many will not copy and paste -- try to

    drive phone calls and texts instead

  • What You Need to Know

    • You will get flagged, ghosted, and deleted

    • There is fierce competition

    • It is the land of opportunity

    • Division rules for advertising apply

    • No lead really belongs to you • Have the best follow up • “Hey! Come into my office for a buyers consult. Let me assess your

    needs and help you find the perfect home for you!”

    • Experts say it takes TIME • But if you are disciplined, organized, and systemized – it works!

  • Dos:

    1. Post consistently

    2. Track what titles/ads are working

    3. Post at different times of days

    4. Use emotion and fear to get clicks • “This one won’t last long!”

  • Don’t

    1. Don’t give away too much info • If you are too specific you will only get that specific buyer

    2. Don’t put to much effort into your ads • Have templates

    • Short, sweet and use words and phrases that will get people to click

    • Your goal = click on your header & call you

    3. Don’t post once a week and expect results

    4. Don’t think Craigslist is going to stay the same… it won’t

  • Why is it so great?!

    •Generate leads FOR FREE

    •Allows you to market a single property from different angles

  • In Summary….

    • The old CL days are gone (but may return as a paid service.)

    • The new leads will probably be more quality

    • The strategies are still being figured out. Experiment and share you successes with your fellow agents

    • It is still FREE

  • Homework 

    • List the nearby areas on Craigslist where you need to be posting

    • Write 3 headlines

    • Make 3 different “contact” footers

    • Spend 20 minutes on “Real Estate for Sale” and see what works and what doesn’t

  • Next Week?!

    Thursday, November 6th 2:00 PM