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Craigslist Business Lead Generation

How To Generate Business LeadsThrough Craigslist

Why Use Craigslist To Generate Leads?

Most people are not using it to its full capability60 million people use it in 70+ countriesHigh traffic with 20 billion monthly12th most popular site in USA and 55 in worldAverage visitor spends 13 minutes on the siteEBay owns 25% , they are a growing company19+ years running, not a fad

Create a Brand New Gmail AccountDedicated Email Address for all Craigslist interactionsCentral place for purposeful lead generationAllow you to track your leads on spreadsheet Ability to register a Google Voice phone numberNot mixed in with personal or main business email

The Smart Friend ApproachYou are helping them solve their problemLet them know that you understand themYou have their best interest in mindEducate them and guide them through their optionsRecommend and encourage, dont be pushyShare why you believe you are the best optionBe available to quickly answer any questions

Know Your Target Market What do you REALLY sell?Peace of mindComfortCommunityConvenienceConfidenceWhat is the CORE Benefit?

WHO do you sell it to? Business OwnersStay at home momsBusiness ExecutivesCollege StudentsRetail EmployeesWhat do they value most?

Knowing your audience makes it much easier to craft a compelling message so that your offer is irresistible to them and it inspires them to take action.

Let Them Qualify ThemselvesCommon Problems Common Objections What questions do they have?What price are they willing to pay?What have they tried that failed?How is your solution different?Why should they trust you?

Turn some people ON and other people OFFKnow their hot buttons!What are their holdbacks?What are they trying to get away from?What are they experiencing?How does this make them feel?

6Graphic Ads Boost Response RatesGraphic ads get clicked on up to 10 times more than plain text adsEasy way to grab their attention and communicate message Use graphics with people experiencing your product or service Convey your core benefit and have a crystal clear call to action Publish contact info like phone and email on a graphic for safetyMake your Images 600 wide by 450 tall for best results ( 600 X 450 )Make an irresistible offer based on WHAT you sell and WHO you serve

Text Ads VS Graphic Ads

Elements of A Compelling Graphic Ad Grab Their Attention within 3 seconds Promise a result they are after Looks professional and builds trustEvoke emotion through use of peoples facesMake it simple to take immediate actionOffer multiple ways to contact you

Offer Many Ways To Contact YouList a phone number for people who prefer to talk ( Free ) Allow people to text you to the Google voice phone number List an email address for them to reply directly to (Gmail)Let them know your fist name or who to contact for more infoProvide a Form they can fill out easily on the spotPeople vary in their comfort level with technology and their willingness to contact a stranger for help. MAKE IT SUPER EASY !

Additional Best PracticesUse your location to optimize your listingUse pictures of peoples faces Have a personality, be fun and memorableMake use of all 8 pictures when possibleRespond quickly while they are on buying mode


Tips on What NOT To DoDo Not use crazy symbols on your headlineDo not publish a plain text ad Dont be too pushy or sales-yDont give all info upfront, spike curiosityDo not offer your service or product at lowest priceDont post your ad every 5 minutes and be spammy

Quick, Easy, Free Lead Gen FormsVISIT:

Custom Craigslist Forms In 2 MinutesJotform is a simple tool that helps you capture their contact infoNo coding, and no technical knowledge is requiredFree, Simple, and easy to set-up an account in minutes Perfect if you do not have a website to collect leadsAbility to set up text message alerts for each leadPeople are 5 X more likely to fill out a form than contact you directly

The 5 Minute Craigslist Landing PageJotform goes above and beyond contact formsCreate full-fledged landing pages within 5 minutes No hosting or technical knowledge requiredCan create unlimited forms to promote on CraigslistUse this to supplement website or replace itEasy to use these landing pages on social media as wellIntegrations make it possible to automate tasks

FREE Jotform Advanced Features IntegrationAweber, Mailchimp, Constant ContactDropbox and Google Drive Paypal and Authorize.netSalesforce and infusionsoftClickbank Affiliate ProgramGoogle spreadsheetsSMS Notifications It helps you Build Your ListDeliver digital productsConduct online transactionsCRM /Automate your marketingSell CB products View all leads in one placeGet text message with new leadsHow to Set-Up Text Message Alerts!

Jotform will send you a text message when you get a new lead!

Click Setup and Embed then select Email Alerts Click on Add New Email and convert phone number to email

AT&T Example: Verizon Example: 7131234567@vtext.comThis will vary by your cell phone provider, look it up.

Follow Ups & Staying Top of Mind Make sure to Follow Up ! MOST people simply DONT do it.Be persistent, AND be a smart friend too : ) Create templates for frequently sent emails & FAQSend them a free guide, or a post card, or emailUse capsule CRM to automate client relationsEven if they dont buy from you, capture contact informationSend helpful newsletters, blog posts, information, couponsKeep your funnel going even when you dont need business!

Leveraging Video for Big Ticket Sales

Roofing, Selling Homes, Cars, or Big Ticket Services Video explains and sells FOR YOU 24/ 7 Builds value, explains, demonstrates, deeper dive Optimize video for your city / location for SEOCreates social proof and spikes curiosityWords and pictures are not enough for offers over $500

Craigslist Marketing Resources custom 2 minute 5 minute landing pagesGmail and Google Voice Mailchimp for ongoing communicationCapsule CRM to keep your funnel for ad design and videos

Need Help? Have Questions? offers Image ads and HD Videos for Craigslist Ads


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