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Our simulations and interactive 3d presentations can run in the web browser and on mobile devices (Android, Apple, Windows). Recently we have broadened our offer to give you Oculus Rift support.

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  • Virtual Reality Systemsadvanced & interactive visualisations

  • It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our


    Albert Einstein

    Pixel Legend has years of experience working in the creative field with gaming and non-gaming apps for different industries.

    Our simulations and interactive 3d presentations can run in the web browser and on mobile devices (Android, Apple, Windows). Recently we have broadened our offer to give you Oculus Rift support. We have a team of programmers who can tie our visuals with your bespoke system should the need arise.

    We use 3D Studio Max to model our enviroments and Unity 3D engine to put things in motion but we also use a handful of other industry software if need be. Please have a look at our brochure and dont hesitate to contact us if You require help with your project.

  • 3We design virtual reality systems for









  • 4MedicineWe specialize in creating 3d models and interactive virtual enviroments for use in training courses and advanced it integrations. Our interactive virtual worlds can be useful for:

    * Training of medical staff in certain specific scenarios* Visual representation of illnesses & diseases of external and internal nature* 3d showcases and training of prototype equipment not yet in production* Floorplans and visualisations of medical premises* Visual elements and designs for medical equipment interfaces* Full virtual interactive tour in any medical context with Oculus googles on

    Anatomy LessonsMuscle map for visual presentation on tablets

  • 5Tumor VisualisationDisease Atlas Presentation for tablets and screencasts

    Endoscopy wardVirtual enviroment for staff training purposes

  • 63d visualisation of human nervous systemInternal interactive project

  • 7Surgeon model for the staff training scenarioFull render with textures and 3d mesh

    IC Unit Renders and visual presentation for Oculus Rift

  • 8ArchitectureOur team of CG Artists and Programmers can create virtually any architectural scenario You may need. We craft detailed projects from different fields:

    * Rich & detailed models of buildings* Interactive 3d floorplans* Oculus Rift Tours* Geolocated on-site tours on mobile devices* Models and interactive presentations for staff training purposes* Interactive models for architecture and engineering industry

    Medieval ChurchRender for Museum presentation

  • 9Interactive FloorplanHouse Project Showcase on projects website

    Stadium render Oculus Rift Tour

  • 10

    Living Room RenderInterior presentation for Oculus Rift and mobile devices

  • 11

  • 12

    ScienceOur interactive simulations ideally blend and illustrate complex processes that science challenge to describe every day.

    * Interactive 3d presentations can perfectly support the learning process* Initiatives involving a lot of prototyping usually employ virtual reality* Virtual prototyping plays well with tight budgets science projects have* Understanding a complex subject heavily depends on visual presentation* Changes and improvements cost less than real-world simulations* Attractive simulations usually means wider audience for the project

    Interactive model of our Planet Our simulations immerse students

  • 13

    Space mission equipmentOur Presentations help to understand complex initiatives

    Ant close-up before renderingVisualising even smallest things with highest detail is possible

  • 14

    MarketingYou can showcase your product in interactive 3d presentation on your website or let people use its unique features online without having to go out and visit the shops. This gives your audience unique ability to try before buy.

    * Virtual presentation of physical products and its features* Virtual training on how to use physical products* Point of sale displays, showrooms and trade fair presentations* Advertising campaign interactive modules for all platforms* 3d Movies and presentations for marketing

    Product before final rendering3d modelling and animation is our specialty

  • 15

    Increase your visual strengthAd campaign is all about visual, its a deal-maker or deal-breaker thing.

    Showcase your product in full 3dWith our approach your product presentations may be fully interactive

  • 16

    Mobile With the advent of high-spec smartphones and tablets its finally possible to use virtual reality with 3d engine to provide experience for mobile users they never witnessed before.

    * Fully 3d mobile applications for all popular platforms* Interactive 3d elements for exisiting apps* 3d visualisation of user current location and position* Embedding virtual worlds in place of the real surrounding* Adding 3d elements to virtual reality view in mobile camera

    Rendering view for the mobile deviceView the room future look on tablet device

  • 17

    Castle ruin changes before your eyesEmbedded castle reconstruction on mobile device

    Castle museum spaceNever leave visitors wondering how the place looked ages ago

  • 18

    TrainingImproving the skills of your staff can be a costly endeavour. Usually it requires a site, coaches and a training schedule. Travel, facility and instructor costs can break budgets. Some trainings require on-site presence when but the site is available. This all where virtual training offers unmatched service.

    * Your staff can learn by doing* You can deploy interactive course on web, mobile and screencast devices* Interactive, virtual enviroment acts like the real thing* No equipment, instructor, travel and rental costs* Courses can be repeated endlessly with no additional costs

    Train your drivers and operatorsYour drivers may run the course at the same time

  • 19

    Simulators and different training scenariosTry possible crash scenarios without harming anyone

    How its builtYou dont need physical object to show every student how this engine was built

  • Pixel Legend is our years long partner in all digital efforts. They have designed and developed our responsive website, engaging mobile app and new online shop. They work in agile sprints which

    allows us to control costs and make changes in the projects without throwing money away. I also can see real progress after every sprint.

    I value their partnership very much.David Paterson, Brand Manager @ Supagard

    We know Pixel Legend for quite a long time now and they have helped us with many projects for known and acclaimed clients.

    Their knowledge of the digital world is impressive and we think their skills and current projects are very interesting.

    Zbigniew Skarul, Director @ Oskar Wegner

    View more on our website

    Niedziakowskiego 24, 9th floorPost box 10, 71-410 Szczecin

    Phone: +48 91 831 49 56


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