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  • 1. BRIEF SEGMENTATION GUIDEDuncan Stark Business Development Consultant +44 (0) 208 433 4243 1

2. OUR APPROACH & TIPS FOR SUCCESS2 3. OUR APPROACH TWO AREAS OF EXPERTISE TGI Originating SegmentationLinking Existing Segmentation to TGIStrategic (eg new markets)Multiple Applications (eg comms, npd)Typically Financial Services, Leisure, TravelTypically FMCG, Telcos, Electronics, Pharma, Govt3 4. OUR APPROACH TGI ORIGINATING SEGMENTATION PRIOR TO BEGINNING Establish objectives of the segmentation Establish the desired segmentation criteria (themes) Establish feasibility: are TGI statements likely to provide relevant discrimination? Build on existing knowledge4 5. PRIOR TO BEGINNING THE SEGMENTATION. .MUST ENSURE BUY-IN FROM KEY STAKEHOLDERS5 6. PRIOR TO BEGINNING THE SEGMENTATION. .THE UNIVERSE MUST BE CONSIDERED CAREFULLY6 7. OUR APPROACH TYPICAL WORKFLOW Discovery Phase Conduct audit of existing data sources including TGI to identify key themes and areas to exploreIdentification of the main criteria of Segmentation Then select the most appropriate Input Variables (IVs) from TGI to reflect these criteriaSummarise these variables in workable Dimensions (Factor Analysis) Groups the IVs in a robust and reliable way, potentially allowing new themes to be uncoveredRun the Segmentation (Cluster Analysis) Partitions the market into a number of different segments, each has specific attitudinal and behavioural characteristics that will distinguish them from the rest. Each group will however be statistically similar in internal make-up, enabling tailored targetingCreate detailed Profiles of resulting segments Using the breadth of TGI data to deliver in-depth profiles of identified target segments. This is highly insightful, reliable and actionable (given the common language that TGI is to creative agencies and media planners)7 8. OUR APPROACH ONCE THE SEGMENTS HAVE BEEN PROFILED Communication of the results to inspire and generate actions Keep the research agency involved even post-delivery Regular updating8 9. ONCE THE SEGMENTS HAVE BEEN PROFILED. .THE SIGNIFICANCE OF NAMING SEGMENTS9 10. SUCCESS WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE?Success is when people are using the segmentation; when actions are driven by what youve learned; when your people are using the names of the segments all the time; and media buys are orchestrated by the segmentsSuccess is seeing it integrated into everyday decision-making and strategyThere are of course the bread and butter rules of segmentation. To make them: intuitively correct, replicable, identifiable, differentiated propositions, meaningful from a targetting perspective10 11. FAILURE WHAT DOES FAILURE LOOK LIKE?If I didnt do anything to build consumer empathy, I would feel like I failedMisunderstanding of the limitations; the segmentation is not always the answer to questions, in particular when the question behind them is differentWhen it sits on a shelf and people go about their business as usualSomething that look like an expensive academic exercise; inaction, no one does anything with it11 12. LINKING EXISTING SEGMENTATION TO TGI OUR PREFERRED APPROACH 1Identify TGI variables to add to / harmonise with the ad hoc survey2Discriminant analysis identifies a) which variables best classify TGI respondents into client segments and b) a mathematical model to compute best fit3This model or algorithm is applied at a respondent level (i.e. line by line) with every respondent being allocated to the best fit segment4A customised TGI database is created with the segments appended12 13. TURNING OUTPUTS INTO ACTION13 14. TURNING OUTPUTS INTO ACTION A RANGE OF OUTPUT FORMATS14 15. TURNING OUTPUTS INTO ACTION EMBEDDING THE SEGMENTATION TO ENSURE SUCCESS Reanimation Workshop Golden Questions / Intranet Modules Inspiring creative materials (top-trumps, voxpops, etc) Provision of Database (linked to TGI)I feel I now really understand who our segments are as people15 16. REANIMATION WORKSHOP BRINGING DATA TO LIFE Conventional presentations are helpful but have limitations Reanimation workshop attempts to bring the research to life Live session involving all key stakeholders Engaging for non-researchers On the fly analysis via TGI database allows hypotheses to be tested but ensures that researchers remain in control Minimises stereotyping Handouts, stimulus material (eg swag bags, mood boards) used to inspire and make more memorable Fun and engaging way to digest results and drive the insight through the organisation16 17. 17