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Different reviews from media platforms - Research for Ancillary Task:

Newspaper article: The Guardian.

Telling what the genre of the movie is.

The name of the newspaper.The name of the movie.Ratings out of 5.Tag line which draws the audience to read the article.The review of the movie.Video of extra clips / interview.Tags making it easy for people to find articles.At the end of the article they have related content extra content relating to the movie.

Review more sophisticated, they use formal language, and focus on less mainstream movies.


Magazine article:Empire.

Rating out of 5They have added a small summary of the movie and what it was based on.On the side they give you extra information when the movie was released etc.Significant sentence taken from the review.

Review of the movie in detail, giving their opinions on the movie whether it was good or bad, what they liked from it and what they didnt.

Review of the movie is continued on what they think and a conclusion.An image taken from the movie which stands out showing what the movie consists of.

The official trailer of the movie. Short summary of the movie leaving the audience with last few sentences.

Websites: Rotten Tomatoes.

There is the rating of the film, right at the top so the audience can clearly see how good/bad the movie is. You can also add your know ratings.A few clips from the movie.Extra news and be hide the scene interviews with the actor.Also states who the actors are. Recommend different sites that are able to watch the movie on.A little summary of the movie and what production information. Short trailer of the movie which would make the audience more interested into the film.The name of the website, bold colours to make it stand out.More reviews for other movies.

Highlighted in yellow making it eye-catching and stands out.


Other audience members reviews of the movie, whether they liked it, or not, good or bad.Also includes quotes taken from the movie which stand out to the audience. These tend to be funny one, e.g. Youre Eddie The Eagle just fly!Other critics views on the movie, about how they felt about after watching the movie, whether theyd recommend to others or not.Area where you can find related content.