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Transcript of RESELLER PROGRAM GUIDE - Newcastle Systems · PDF file 2017-10-08 · RESELLER...

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    The Power to Move Your Workplace


    EffectiveJuly 1, 2013

    • Introduction to Newcastle Systems’ Reseller Program • Discount Incentives & Qualifications • Reseller Benefits • Training Opportunities • Advertising Restrictions • Support & Resources


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    First Things First First of all, from all of us at Newcastle Systems, a heart-felt “Thank You!” for being part of our growing community of suppliers making mobility a reality for our clients. We can’t be the best we can be without a team of dedicated Partners like yourself, and your efforts on behalf of our products is deeply appreciated. So once again – “Thank you!”

    Welcome to a Program About YOU As we’ve grown over the last few years and have started to better understand the needs of the marketplace you work with every day, we developed a better understanding of the role Reseller’s like yourself play and realized that there was something more we could do to help our Resellers deliver on the high expectations they set for themselves and their suppliers like us. So we went out and talked to many of you and over the last two years and yes, we heard you loud and clear! The results of your feedback and input are what drove the development of this new program designed just for you.

    What It Means To You Enclosed in this program document (also available online) are the details of a number of new benefits, training and criteria for our resellers. These are all being designed with one thing in mind – how to continue to deliver a quality, high-value experience to our shared client base. Inside you will find changes and new programs that provide some of the following benefits :

    • Dedicated “Reseller Only” content on • More training opportunities and training materials • Sales tools that help you demonstrate expertise with our products • Improved financial incentives that grow as our success grows • Better transparency for establishing Reseller and Client status • More frequent communications and support opportunities • Project Registration (Available Q4, 2013) • Co-Marketing materials and support

    Our Ask Please make yourself familiar with this Program Guide and the additional materials now on our website. As always, please continue to provide the feedback, ideas and input that have already been so valuable to us. Thank you! The Newcastle Systems Team

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    l= eligible

    Provide list to your account manager of your sales team with

    contact info by region

    Add Certified Reseller Badge to

    your website

    Add Newcastle

    products to your


    Entire sales

    team to attend (1) training webinar in 2013

    Entire sales

    team to attend (2)

    training webinars in 2013

    Do at least (1) of the following:

    A) Series of (3) co-branded emails to an active customer list

    (B) Joint sales event in your region

    (C) Shared tradeshow booth

    (D) We welcome additional suggestions too...

    BRONZE l l l l SILVER l l l l l GOLD l l l l l PLATINUM l l l l l

    Additional Notes:

    1. Partners achieving a status in the course of any fiscal year that is higher than their current one will be eligible to display an upgraded “Certified Reseller” badge on their site with the appropriate “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Gold” or “Platinum” version.

    2. Unregistered Direct Sellers who are not part of the Newcastle System Reseller Program will not be able to display a “Certified” badge. (This will allow you to provide clarifications to clients when they are in- troduced as a potential competitor)

    Certified Badge Samples:


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    Newcastle Systems invests a vast amount of time and money to generate QUALIFIED LEADS for our key reselling partners. Some of our lead generation efforts include:

    • Paid display ads and custom e-blasts in DC Velocity, logistics Management, Modern Material Handling and more

    • Paid white paper promotions and webcast sponsorships • Extensive PR efforts • Trade show exhibits at ProMat, Modex, NRF, WERC, logiMat (Germany) and more

    In addition to discount incentives and qualified leads, we are pleased to provide you with other value- added benefits such as:

    • Extensive support by your Account Manager to help you close the opportunity • Training support by your Account Manager that can be customized to your individual needs or group

    settings • Demo equipment that can be shipped to your customer’s facility to try out first hand • Customized collateral, videos and other sales tools • Customized marketing e-blast campaigns created by our in-house design team • Various “Sales Spiff” opportunities • Advertising dollars towards your marketing efforts • Project registration (available in Q4 2013)


    l= eligible

    Access to Reseller Site

    Demo Equipment

    Qualified leads

    Reseller Project


    Customized Collateral, Videos &

    Sales Tools

    Yearly Sales Spiffs

    Advertising Dollars

    BRONZE l l l l SILVER l l l l l l GOLD l l l l l l l PLATINUM l l l l l l l


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    As we grow our business, it is important to us that we continue to deliver a high-value, personalized level of service to go with our products. In order to do so, we need our reseller partners to be well-equipped to speak about our solutions.

    While there will be additional training materials provided in the coming months, at this time we require all of our resellers to complete the following:

    • View our new training presentation: • Familiarize yourself with the layout of our site, the resources available (video demonstrations, white

    papers, evaluation tools). • Make yourself known to your Account Manager at Newcastle Systems and ensure your registration in-

    formation is up to date and accurate so that we will be able to contact you when needed when passing along new leads or sharing new information and product releases.

    • At any time, please contact your Account Manager to schedule a customized training webinar to one or many members of your sales team at a date and time that fits your schedule.

    Look for additional training opportunities in the future including webinars and other live virtual meetings where we can answer your questions, discuss your suggestions and more.

    While we appreciate and support the effort of all of our Resellers to generate both Awareness and Demand for our products, Newcastle Systems values the integrity of our business model and the resellers who work hard with us within that model.

    • Display of prices is NOT recommended. However, if a reseller chooses to advertise prices in any medium (web, print, etc.), they must be no less than the minimum advertised price set by Newcastle each year and communicated to the reseller network.

    • “Same-Day Shipping”, “Next Day Shipping” and other advertising that is misleadin is strictly prohibited. • Direct copying of Newcastle Systems web pages or other online properties is prohibited. Note that all

    content on the Newcastle Systems website is copyrighted, but is available for use by All of our Resell- ers with prior permission. Please contact Christine Wheeler, Marketing Director at 978-605-5119 or

    Use of “Official Reseller” badges at levels that the Reseller has not qualified for is also prohibited, as is use of any badge for non-qualified resellers.



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    Newcastle Systems will be making available to our Reseller Partners a number of resources to assist you with your efforts to market solutions to your clients. These will include (but not be limited to) the following:

    • Co-Branded Campaign Materials – we are happy to provide templates and other materials for use in your own e-mail or other campaigns. These will usually be existing templates we use that can be cus- tomized to include your logo and other co-branding elements.

    • “Certified” Reseller Badges – Resellers are encouraged to download the appropriate badge for your level in the size of your choice to display on your website where Newcastle Systems products are fea- tured. This not only demonstrates to your customer your expertise with our products, but also serves to help you help your clients navigate potential sources of our product that do not come from Certified Resellers.

    • Unlimited Sales Support by Your Dedicated Account Manager to Help Close Opportunities

    To find your dedicated account manager, visit:


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    Newcastle Systems’ commitment is to provide innovative solutions that help make Auto-ID Technology and other hardware truly mobile and information more readily available across an entire enterprise.

    loss of productivity and inefficiencies such as wasted steps to the printer, inac- curate inventory counts, improper labeling, time delays, manual processing and incorrect shipments are just some of the challenges that