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Transcript of Reseller Program Awareness Report

  • Sergey SleptsovDone on a base of my real report

  • Organization TypeFunctionSurvey was distributed among subscribers to e-News and is likely to be skewed towards friendly companies! Sergey Sleptsov

  • Channel sees solutions selling as the key growth factor while remaining dependent on vendor leadsBase: Total Respondents per Region;Multiple selection allowed

    Sergey Sleptsov

  • Strong focus on providing solutions as means of getting extra margins;Plans to invest in market research and spend show CIS resellers increase self-reliance in generating leads

    Base: Total Respondents per Region;Multiple selection allowed

    Sergey Sleptsov

  • Base: Total # of Respondents per RegionIndustrial specialization is quite common among resellersSergey Sleptsov

  • IT is the most targeted vertical;Patterns vary across surveyed regions

    Base: # of Resellers claiming industrial specialization;Multiple selection allowed

    Sergey Sleptsov

  • Margins on services and solutions are clearly deflated in CIS ;Resellers in UK are most profitable in solution sales making 29% margin about 50% premium on solutions margins in Germany, France, Italy, and double of what is made in the CIS

    Sergey Sleptsov

  • Authorized and RPP are the most familiar channel programs;Awareness of Certified programs surprisingly lower than that of Authorized;CIS resellers are most knowledgeable of our partner initiatives: 6 out of 8 programs were familiar to at least a quarter of CIS respondents;Over a half of French respondents did not know any of our programs

    Sergey Sleptsov

  • Generally participation in programs increases with awareness. On average, about half of resellers aware of programs decides to enroll

    Specific essence and eligibility requirements of some programs limit potential audience resulting in lower relative enrollmentSergey Sleptsov

  • Red bars show % of resellers interested in benefitBlue bars show % of resellers aware of benefitGreen bars show % of resellers using benefitMajority of all available benefits is known to 25-35% of resellers;No single benefit appeals to more than 55% of resellers; 21 out of 23 benefits interest less than half of resellersUse of benefits varies widely w/o correlation to interest but strongly linked to awareness (see next slide)

    Base: Total RespondentsSergey Sleptsov

  • Partner E-mails and Reseller Reviews: Use = Awareness!Each point represents an program benefitStrong correlation between awareness and useSergey Sleptsov

  • Assumptions:ORP participants detected equal ## of projects, each being of equal value;34% of participants said prog definitely motivated them to detect more opportunities (see prev. slide) ->assuming every other project registered by this group was found due to programs motivational effect, 17% of projects (and revenue) were program-driven;Additionally, 19% of participants said prog could have some effect on the amount of detected opportunities (see prev. slide) ->assuming every 4th project registered by this group was found due to programs motivational effect, extra 4.75% of projects (and revenue) were also program-driven;Total estimated share of revenue related to motivational effect = 17%+4.75%=21.75%

    Sergey Sleptsov

  • Majority said programs are similar or better compared to other IT vendors;Improvement suggestions primarily requested better availability of personnel, free demo units, better support on SMB segment, and more sales leads (see following slide)

    Question was only shown to resellers aware of at least one program;Answers Cant compare not shown on this chart

    Resellers that confirmed use of interactive tools and listed on Reseller Locator often give higher ratingsResellers not using interactive tools and enrolled in programs of Intel often give lower ratingsSergey Sleptsov

  • Respondents rated their preferred methods on a scale from 1=Poor to 5=Excellent;Dont Know option was also available (not shown on these charts)

    trainings received above average ratings for availability and content with some room for further improvement along both dimensions;

    Sergey Sleptsov

  • Resellers see solutions selling as the key to further growth allowing to earn greater margins. Resellers are most aware of the Authorized program while familiarity with Certified levels is surprisingly low. Programs oriented towards Structure (Certified Silver and Gold, Demo Center) lack breadth of appeal as most of the surveyed companies seem to be dealing with SMB market and expect better support on core products.Participation in initiatives is quite strong - only Microsoft and HP had greater participation. To improve support on our programs we need to offer better availability of local personnel, demo units (particularly for SMB applications), assistance with leads, and marketing funds and materials.Channel is prepared to invest about 1/3 of time allocated to professional trainings into courses exclusively! This generosity should be addressed with high quality training materials and options ranging from off-line resources to on-site events to live product demonstrations. Feedback from participants indicates that the program was successful in motivating resellers to identify extra projects and to develop new skills necessary to configure solutions.

    Sergey Sleptsov