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Become a TMR Reseller !

Transcript of Tmr 2011 Reseller Program

2011 TMR Private Brand

2011 TMR Private LabelReseller Program

1 We are a technology development company focused on providing affordable full service mobile marketing solutions for small to mid-size American Businesses". We are located in Hudson, Wisconsin and currently hold two United States copyrights. Who is TMR? What we do?

2 Two Mobile Marketing Solutions Two SMS Aggregator Options:TMR Technology Sales Channel: Today:

At the start of 2010, only 2 out of every 100 businesses in the United States had some sort of mobile marketing program. Tomorrow:

By 2015, Industry projections indicate that 2 out of every 3 businesses in the United States will have a mobile marketing program!Mobile Marketing Industry:

6Mobile Marketing Industry:26 million businesses will have a mobile marketing solution by 2015.

This is our market opportunity!

7$2.6 billion was spent on mobile marketing in 2009.

This number is expected to grow to 12 billion by 2015.

Mobile Marketing Industry:

8 TMR partners with professional independent representatives who private label our technology and then market /support the TMR technology with their business clients.

TMR Reseller Program:

9The average US business owner is 56 years of age and works 58-60 hours per week.

They are only 80% - 90% staffed

The average business owner does not have the time, knowledge or computer skills to run a self service mobile marketing program.

A full service mobile marketing solution needs to be priced below $99 per month.

Todays Business Owner: What we learned? 10We now require that full service support be provided to the business client.

This service will be provided by a trained reseller or a TMR company trained campaign coach.

Support includes: Promotional collateral Help to get patrons to opt-in Creation of the promotions Delivery of the promotions Monitor account activity

Todays Business Owner : TMR Action Steps11Independent TMR Resellers have 7 different products and services they can market. Each product or service is sold to the independent reseller at a standard wholesale price. TMR Reseller Program

12TMR Premium Mobile Service (Opt-in)Adtxt (Interactive Mobile Service for Business) Hometxt (Interactive Mobile Service for Realtors) Cartxt (Interactive Mobile Service for Car Dealers)TMR Web Portals (optional) Campaign Coach Support Service Social Network Awareness Service

TMR Technology: Reseller Product Offering 13 The Independent TMR Reseller has the freedom to market the services to their clients at any price point they choose.

TMR Reseller Program14 TMR provides everything you need to market our services to your business clients.

We provide:TechnologyTech SupportDemo / Admin WebsiteTrainingMobile Marketing Mentor TMR Reseller Program


Conduct DemosAdmin your clients accts.Develop and send promotions for your accounts.Use the account to send text messages to your client base.Demo online enrollmentDemo/ Admin Website: (brand as your own)16Lets Connect! TMR Premium opt in

Interactive Demonstration

One time setup and training fee

$34900Setup Fee includes:Mobile Mkt. ServiceCustom Cell KeywordCustom Admin WebsiteWebinar TrainingProgram MentorOn-site training available for a fee.( travel expense, daily fee required)

Reseller Set-Up / Training Fee: 19

Each reseller receives a website to conduct product demos and administrate the standard accounts you sell.This monthly fee also includes your own Mobile Marketing account to communicate with your clients.Up to 3 domain related email addresses.Mentor Support program$30 Monthly Fee /Admin Site20You will be charged the fee below for each active business account you have enrolled each month.

$2495 mo.Account fee includes:Opt-in via cell phoneOpt-in via websiteFree message delivery via email, instant msg.Monthly Wholesale Account Fee:21Text Message Fees(SMS): We combine the total number of text messages sent by you and your accounts through your reseller website each month.

Monthly Text Message Fees: Monthly Text Deliveries: Combined Account Totals

1 to 1,000 combined mo. text messages - $ 01,001- 10,000 combined mo. text messages $ 30 10,001 to 100,000 combined mo. text msg. $145 Example: If you and 8- business advertisers send 9,000 text messages for the month on your admin website. We will bill you at the 1,001 to 10,000 level for the month.Custom Programs for your Clients:We provide a service that allows your Ad clients to have a customized mobile keyword that their customers will connect to: Our wholesale fees are:

$100 one time set up fee (admin website)$ 30 a month for the admin website $ 24.95 a month for the accountMonthly text message fees are based on total usage

At the end of each month, we will total the wholesale amount due from the reseller.A recap of whats due will be sent to the reseller via email.The amount due will then be charged to the resellers credit card on the 5th of the month.

TMR Billing Process:25Reseller Wholesale Pricing: Per Acct.

TMR Premium mobile marketing $24.95 monthAdtxt (Interactive mobile for business) $16.95monthHometxt (Interactive mobile for realtors) $16.95 monthCartxt (Interactive mobile for car dealers) $16.95 monthCampaign Coach (full service acct management) $15.00 monthSocial Media Awareness Program $22.00 monthCustom Prefix Set-Up (One time fee) $100.00Custom Prefix (monthly maintenance fee) $30.00 monthWeb Portal Sales quote per project TMR Product / Service Pricing26We provide a yearly performance bonus based on monthly services purchased. Monthly text message purchases are excluded from the bonus program. The bonus is calculated on your anniversary date:

Yearly wholesale purchases of $2,150 of services; 2 % cash bonusYearly wholesale purchases of $3,350 of services; 4 % cash bonusYearly wholesale purchases of $4,850 of services; 6 % cash bonusYearly wholesale purchases of $6,350 of services; 8 % cash bonusYearly wholesale purchases of $7,850+ of services; 9 % cash bonus

TMR Reseller Performance Bonus 27Reseller Development Steps:

Account billing informationCredit card informationCreate your websiteSet up your unique mobile keyword (domain)Schedule training TMR Resellers: Getting Started?

28Go To Meeting seminars (groups of 10 or less)

Written Reference Tutorials

Video Reference Tutorials

Mentor Support Program (over the phone)

Online Personal Training Sessions / $40 Hour

On-Site Training (travel expense, daily fee required) TMR Reseller Training:29