Produced by Tamm and Ande. Inanimate Alice >> Hello my name is Alice. I’m 13 years old...

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download Produced by Tamm and Ande. Inanimate Alice >> Hello my name is Alice. I’m 13 years old >>

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Transcript of Produced by Tamm and Ande. Inanimate Alice >> Hello my name is Alice. I’m 13 years old...

  • Produced by Tamm and Ande

  • Inanimate Alice >>

  • Hello my name is Alice. Im 13 years old


  • We were on our way back from Russia I do not know where we are.


  • I can see my mum but she looks hurt. >>

  • Our plane has crashed. I am not injured and I cannot find my dad. Are they okay? I dont know.


  • I dont know where we are, I am scared. Wheres john we say to each other. >>

  • Mum replies I dont know but lets hope he isalright. >>

  • I love my dad even though hes angry at me sometimes. I am disappointed that I wasnt aloud to go to school in Russia. I hope he is alright.


  • We are lost and our pilot is unconscious and worse, Ive lost my player. Will you help me find it?


  • I had a new upgraded player and now it is much better but gone. I have created a new game on it. It is a very good game. This is what it looks like.>>

  • I will explain it to you later but now we better hope we find our dad.>>

  • I can hear a noise. Is it my dad, I dont know. Someone is coming out of the plane. >>

  • Who is it, is it a man. He is tall and has a helmet. I can hear him saying something to me. >>

  • Are you alright he says I feel like a sunken ship in sea I asked him if he was alright he said he has a couple of bumps on his head and is injured a bit.


  • We are looking for a phone so we can ring and get some. Help for the pilot, but the phones battery is out.>>

  • We are in a place that is quiet and has a lot of grass and flowers I think we are in a forest.


  • We are going to look if we can find the way out or somewhere we can go that is safe.I dont know where we are. But it is very quiet.


  • There is a noise and it is telling me to look down, is it brad. I follow the noises instructions and there it is my player is lying on the ground. >>

  • It is between two rocks and it has bit of dirt on the edge but it is still okay.


  • It is dark, it is night. My mum, the pilot and I are sitting on rocks in the middle of nowhere. We only have a fire to keep us warm. I can hear a noise. Is it my Dad?

  • I am getting scared. I can here walking and talking. I look behind a tree. There is a group of men.

  • There are 3 of them. They look like they are looking for someone or something. I cant tell what they look like. But that is when I hear them scream out Alice, Ming are you there.

  • I quickly run to mum and the pilot mum there here to rescue us. My mum replys whos here. But then it comes to me. Someone is saying in my head go to them. Its brad.

  • I forgot about him for this day for what has happened. I go towards the people and there he is. My Dad. I go to my mum and the pilot.

  • My mum sees them. Thank god your here.

  • Then they walk with us to their car and give us food and water. After that they take us home to...........

  • THE END!!!!!