Brand New Inanimate Alice by Katie and Daisy and romany

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Transcript of Brand New Inanimate Alice by Katie and Daisy and romany

  • 1. By Daisy Cook ,Katie Stannard & romany crickmore
    Inanimate Alice
    Episode 5 !!!!!

2. Hello I'mAlice , I have turned 15 last week
Igot a new player for my birthday, its grey and it still has brad but my games dont work so I cant play them with you . /
3. I really miss my dad he has been gone a week now!
My dad is like the missing pieceof the puzzle.
4. Mums got another stupid job and it is at a fish and chip shop.
5. I am at a new school .i have started year 11 , my teacher miss Scotchmer is really nice better then mum teaching me .
I havent made many friends but theres a girl called liza and well she is nice.>>People stare a lot at high but liza tells them to back off and they do. everyones scared of liza at school but not me
6. Me andmum are watching T.V
7. It was meant to be thundering that night
Itdid loads and loads. I was meant to be going to Liza's house.
8. Ring ringring
The phonerang it was mums work /
They wanted her to go in.
9. I was really scared about mum , because she went into work when its thundering and lighting . She could get hurt . What happens if something goes wrong like she is in the car coming home and then she crashed or something .
mum said she will be back at 8:00 but its now half 9 now . Im scared I think im going to ring her now why is she not picking up the phone grrrr !.
10. 30 minutes later the phone rang it was the boss at the fish and chip shop , he told me when he was going home he saw a red car like mums and he looked at the templatehe said it had k67ft39u on it and it was the same as mumsomgI'm scared now . I rang my nanny and she can drive so we were looking for my mum near the fish and chip shop . I saw with my own eyesa red car, k67ft39u on the template , the car was on its side and mirrors smashed and windows too . Nan got out of the car and had a look who was in the car . She got closer and closer it was mum the paramedic said she was goneI was all alone !!!!...