Inanimate Alice Episode 5: Mexico My name is Alice I am 15 years old >>

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Transcript of Inanimate Alice Episode 5: Mexico My name is Alice I am 15 years old >>

  • Inanimate AliceEpisode 5: Mexico

  • My name is AliceI am 15 years old


  • We are moving againI live in a little town down in Mexico>>

  • We are driving down a dirt road past very dry land>>

  • Hopefully the men from Russia wont find us here


  • It is getting really boring so I start to make a new game on my Ba-xi


  • eThe game is new I downloaded it yesterday.Its called Pac Man >>

  • Its a game that you have to eat all of the blocks before the time runs out


  • countdownClick the boxes 1 by 1First the purple Second the greenAnd lastly the white

  • countdown

  • countdown1 23 45 6

  • Its really fun when you get to create your own game


  • We have finally ended up to our new home>>

  • I go to my new room and have a nap >>

  • We were just getting into the new feel when I heard a knock on the door


    knock knock

  • i am walking towards the door when all of a sudden someone kicked open the door


  • Its dark I cant see it like pitch black in this house


  • I can feel strong hands wrapping around my chest. He is holding me tightly


  • I start panicking i feel so alone in this darkness


  • I see the door creek open I am worried


  • The door is getting wider and wider


  • I see a light just through the little crack where the door is


  • I hear a



  • footsteps are coming closer towards me


  • I feel like I am trapped inside a big cave with giant spiders inside of the cave


  • But then I suddenly wake up from a bad nightmare and my mum shouts


  • Alice are you awake yet we are going to miss our flight to Fiji>>

  • yeh I'm awake now mum