Inanimate Alice By Lizzie and Shanaye

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Transcript of Inanimate Alice By Lizzie and Shanaye

1. Inanimate Alice Episode 5 Dwellingup 2. My name is Alice Im turning 17 today. 3. My friends and I are going walking today 4. This is my awesome house! 5. KitchenMy houseMy room Mums studio Theatre 6. Suddenly we hear a snap and a CRASH! 7. Brad tells me to follow the sound.So I do 8. We see a really gross hand underneath the treeWe scream and run 9. We run back to my place Mum asks whats wrongWhen we explain, mum turns on the TV 10. We see dad being pulled out from under the tree. 11. Mum looks pale and horrified. 12. Then MumFaints! 13. Then Shanaye calls OOO and I try out my resuscitation skills 14. Then the ambulance arrives an d takes mum. 15. We sit and wait. . .Then my ba-xi rings 16. Hello, is this Alice?Yes this is AliceTheres something I need to tell you. Yes?They didnt make it. 17. I sit and cry 18. I go home with Shanaye 19. I think Im Shanyes sister now. 20. Credits Designer: Lizzie S Animator: Lizzie S Pictures: Google Images Program: Microsoft PowerPoint Font: Papyrus and Arial Special thanks to: Mr Melkert and Microsoft PowerPoint.