Inanimate Alice: Episode 5 Japan By Joshua Lui. My name is Alice I am 16 years old >>

download Inanimate Alice: Episode 5 Japan By Joshua Lui. My name is Alice I am 16 years old >>

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Transcript of Inanimate Alice: Episode 5 Japan By Joshua Lui. My name is Alice I am 16 years old >>

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Inanimate Alice: Episode 5 Japan By Joshua Lui Slide 2 My name is Alice I am 16 years old >> Slide 3 I am now in Japan >> Slide 4 Slide 5 Slide 6 Slide 7 I live in a Japanese temple. >> Slide 8 Kitchen Lounge/dining Bed >> Slide 9 I still think it needs work on it. My Kitchen >> Slide 10 My dining and lounge room >> I like this room the best. Slide 11 Our bedrooms >> Even though its squishy and small, it is really comfortable. Slide 12 The garden is so big that Ill get lost if I dont have a map. >> Slide 13 My Garden >> Slide 14 Anyway were here to have a holiday. >> Slide 15 Moscow was a dark time, But luckily weve got away from the leak problem >> Slide 16 Its morning here in Japan. >> Slide 17 Ive planned a trip into the garden. >> Slide 18 I pack everything I need into my bag. BA-XI Alice >> Slide 19 My parents know about it, so I feel safer. >> Slide 20 Soon, I set of into the garden, following the track. >> Slide 21 I had seen so many things so far in the journey. >> Slide 22 Plants >> Slide 23 Animals >> Slide 24 I was in a dreamy mode, Then I woke up to find out that I was off the track. >> Slide 25 I am lost. >> Slide 26 I panic and I start searching for the map, in my bag. >> Slide 27 But I didnt find it. >> Slide 28 Ive decided what Ill do next, And Ive go at least 2 hours till night falls. >> Slide 29 Im going to climb up the tree. >> Slide 30 I tried not look down as I climbed, knowing what the consequences are if I fall. >> Slide 31 I went up to the point, where I could see above the other trees. >> Slide 32 I couldnt see my house, but I saw a hill not far away. >> Slide 33 I figured that if I could climb the hill, I might actually see it. >> Slide 34 I went up, hoping to see my house from up there. >> Slide 35 I reach top with high hopes that Ill see my home, but I couldnt see it. >> Slide 36 Now I was really panicking. There was no sight of the house. >> Slide 37 Then I felt the Ba-xi twitch. >> Slide 38 I reached for it and Brad popped up out of the screen, as if he were alive. >> Slide 39 BA-XI Hey Alice, why dont you go and retrace your steps. Go and find the eagle near the rock and the monkey near the rock cliff. >> BRA D Slide 40 I trusted Brad so I went to the place, where I woke up. >> Slide 41 When I reached the place, I continued going straight, Knowing the animals weren't in the opposite direction. >> Slide 42 As I ran, I wondered if the animals were still there. >> Slide 43 Then, right there on the rock, sat the eagle. >> Slide 44 I felt a flood of relief over me. >> Slide 45 But, now wasnt the time to celebrate. Im not home yet. I continued on. >> Slide 46 It is getting dark now, and I still havent found the monkey yet. >> Slide 47 Then, at the corner of my eye, I saw my packet of biscuits. >> Slide 48 I turned towards the biscuits and dashed into that direction. >> Slide 49 I kept running and running, I didnt stop to pick up my biscuits, because I saw the trail up ahead. >> Slide 50 I followed the trail and, right there, was the house. >> Slide 51 I rushed inside and found my mum and dad waiting for me. >> Slide 52 Alice, where have you been. Its already dark out there. Ive been exploring. What else would I be doing. Ok, your dinner is waiting for you on the table. >> Slide 53 I ate my sushi dinner and went straight to bed after that. >> Slide 54 In my bed late at night, I hear my mother and father arguing loudly. I wonder what happened.