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Episode 5. inanimate Alice. My name is Alice. I am 16 years old. My parents finally got enough money to move out of England. We moved to Canada. Vancouver to be specific. My dad says he is a barber. I am starting to get suspicious of my dad because why would a barber go to Australia?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of inanimate Alice

  • Episode 5

  • My name is Alice I am 16 years old

  • My parents finally got enough money to move out of England.We moved to Canada. Vancouver to be specific.

  • My dad says he is a barber I am starting to get suspicious of my dad because why would a barber go to Australia?

  • My mom is a photographer for a newspaper called the Daily Star.

  • My dad says he is going to Ottawa next. I tell him I insist on coming with him.But my dad wont let me come with him.

  • I look to Brad for help.

    Hes my friend I made on my Ba-Xi

  • Said Brad Follow him,Please pick the right luggage to hide me and my friend Brad in.

  • THIS LUGGAGE IS TO SMALL! YOU GOT CAUGHT!Click on smiley to go back

  • This luggage had a lock on it! I cant get in! Click on evil smiley to go back

  • WRONG LUGGAGE! TO SQUARE AND SMALL!Click on evil smiley to go back.

  • Awesome! This luggage is perfect!

  • Im scared

  • I hear a noise coming from my dads phone

  • I picked it up.

  • John, please report to the CIA building .JOHN ARE YOU THERE! Who are you? Umm, please wait where you are. We will be right there

  • Whats going on???Its like my dad is a spy or something!Wait

  • CIA!!!Should I wait here? There are people everywhere, pushing me aside like a rag doll, as if I was nothing. It was like rush hour on a high way, people coming off planes. The CIA men said to wait. What should I do? Should I wait? Or should I go find my dad? What do you think I should do?

  • Click on a picture to make a choiceClick on CIA person to wait for the CIA person to comeClick on DAD to go look for my dad

  • OH NO!I ran in the direction I thought I heard the people taking him away. The wind seemed to laugh at me like it knew I would never get to my dad in time. I ran until I realized I just went in to part of the airport that I didnt know. I was hopelessly lost. I couldnt find my way back and thats when I knew the wind was right.Click on smiley to go back.

  • I decide to wait for the CIA person to show up. I figure hell know what to do. The wind seemed to laugh at me as I waited like it was making fun of me for getting into this big mess in the first place. Finally, the CIA person showed up.

  • My name is Agent Benet. He takes me into a black car. We go into a building where he explains to me about my dad. He needs my help to get my dad.

  • Your dad was an agent for us. You know Justin Powers, the owner head of the first largest catnip company in the world? Yeah, he is actually evil. He wants to kill the Prime Minister of Canada, also known as Stephen Harper. Justin Powers wants to use his secret terrorist organization, known as Nipwop, to assassinate the Prime Minister at the Canada day celebration at parliament. Then, no one knows that Justin Powers is Evil, so its going to look like he is all innocent, and then use his power as a CEO of a catnip company to run for Prime Minister and become all powerful! Your mission is to be there on Canada day make sure Mr. Harper doesnt get killed. You can find your dad on the way, if youd like. Click the flag if you accept the mission. If you dont, click the Cheshire cat if you do not accept.

  • No. I dont want to go help my dad, I want to go home!The Agent looked at me sadly. He told me to come with him. I figured some other agent could do the job. I was a loser. As much as I wanted to find my dad, but I knew I cant. I was too young and I had no experience. I am Scared.

  • Yesterday was Canada Day.

  • Laser PenA grappling hookAnd Brad!

  • Thats when I heard muffled sound in a closet

  • Click the purple door to check the broom closet.Click the poke-a-dot door to keep going.

  • I opened the door

  • I gave him a monster hug and gave him his cell phoneI tell him about the mission and give him my gadgets. He tells me he will continue the mission.

  • As I walk the opposite way as my dad, towards the exit, but I wasnt looking and I ran into something, like a wall. It was guy with a beard and many tattoos, wearing a shirt that said Nitwop. He told me he will let me pass if I play a game of rock paper scissors with him and win.Click to play. When you win, click the red X to come back here and click the picture of Simon stag when you win

  • I decided to leave the door alone.If I opened that door, it could have led to my doom.I walked passed it until I arrived at a beautiful view of Parliament.

  • I looked over and saw I was in the wrong building!!!I need to get across.through what looked like a museum. I was about to jump across when all my gadgets fell onto the street!Click the picture to get through the museum .Click the red X at the top of the game to come back. Click the cow.

  • I walked out of the building and looked at the sky. I Looked and saw, my dad was in the wrong building!I ran up to the building beside the one my dad was in.

  • I saw the sniper. He didnt seem to notice me as I creped in.I didnt know what to do now. I looked to Brad for help.Use the AppHis voice tickled my mind. What App, was he talking about?I looked at my BA-XI and saw an App I never noticed before.

  • I clicked the app with my finger.A little ball came out where I plug in the charger, a little ball, the size of a pea, came out. I knew what it was. A smoke bomb.

  • BEEPBEEPBEEPI snuck out of the building as fast I could, not knowing when it would go off.Then

  • I awoke, with my dad smiling down at me.You did it! he said.I have stopped The Evil Justin Powers from taking over. The Prime Minister was safe and Justin Powers was behind bars.

  • Click the picture