Photography Tips for Beginners 2015

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Transcript of Photography Tips for Beginners 2015

1. PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS 2. 2 Its all about the light. Too bright or dark is hard to overcome. 3. 3 4. 4 Look at the background first. Add depth if you can. 5. 5 Rule of thirds 6. 6 If not, get real close. Textures and patterns can be amazing. 7. 7 With food, you are in complete control of how to dress it up and style it. 8. 8 Use diagonal lines to guide the eye. 9. 9 Use natural frames to frame subject. 10. 10 Symmetry is pleasing to look at. 11. 11 But you can change the rules. 12. 12 Take a lot of photos. You can always delete. You will make mistakes.