5 tips yoga beginners

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5 Tips Yoga Beginners

SerenityLike most sports Yoga emphasizes the importance of mindset, but unlike most sports you dont need ambition or aggression, but serenity and peace to be most successful. So when starting your next session look for a quiet space. Gurus advise to do yoga early in the morning or evening as this is when the environment is most free of sound.

PatienceRome wasnt built in one day, same as you will not master all poses in one session. Like other sports it takes time, practice and dedication to master the poses and see the changes to your health, body and mind. Its important to keep patient even if the physical results arent immediate and remember not overlook the changes to your spirit and mindset.

5 tips Yoga Beginners

Eat Right Comfortable clothingGuidanceFor our bodies to function their best its important to give them the right fuel. For yoga leafy greens and slow releasing crabs such as couscous and quinoa are key. ! Eating right combined with yoga will also make you sleep better!With the internet there are countless sites to find new poses but whether youre a beginner or a full fledged yogi its always important to have some guidance when trying out a new asana.

Yoga is about serenity as well as movement so always make sure youre comfortable. Loose fitting clothing will give you the space the carry out your poses and comfort to let you focus on your breath.

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