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New Staff Training. AgrAbility National Training Workshop Indianapolis, Indiana Brad Rein, Division Director. History of AgrAbility. Authorized through the 1990 Farm Bill Modeled after state programs that assisted agricultural workers in VT, IA, and IN - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Staff TrainingAgrAbility National Training WorkshopIndianapolis, IndianaBrad Rein, Division Director1History of AgrAbilityAuthorized through the 1990 Farm BillModeled after state programs that assisted agricultural workers in VT, IA, and INGrown from 8 awards in 1991 to 23 awards in 2011 totaling $4.6 million

2AgrAbility PrioritiesDevelops service capacityEncourages networkingProvides direct services through education, assistance and supportAssists farmers and ranchers with disabilities3The National Institute of Food and Agriculture and AgrAbilityProvide fair, effective, and efficient administration of Federal assistanceSatisfy Legislative and Executive branchesCollect data to justify continuing programs

4Federal Level FunctionsProvide program oversightEnsure federal dollars are spent and managed appropriatelyEnsure fair and objective review of proposalsCommunicate program successes and impacts to USDA and Congress

5 Farm Bill LanguageAuthorized partnership between land-grant institutions and disability organizations in 1990Established funding recommendationProvided guidance on eligible programsAppropriated under Smith-Lever 3(d)

6AgrAbility Funds DO SupportEducationlong term investment strategyAccommodating disabilities and avoiding secondary injuriesDirected towards health, farm, and government service providersNetworkingSharing of information and provision of servicesCustomers, peer supporters, volunteers, stakeholders, other funding organizations, etc.

7AgrAbility Funds DO SupportAssistanceFocuses on individualized consultative services increasing likelihood of clients success in farm operationIncludes client and others working at same placeMarketingIncreasing awareness of AgrAbility and its initiatives

8AgrAbility Funds DO NOT SupportPaying for assistive technology or other farm site modificationsSoliciting other federal fundsPaying tuition or student feesPaying overhead or indirect costConducting research (work must remain within accepted bounds of Extension)

9OutcomesIncreased knowledge of practices and activities for disabled farmersIncreased appropriate assistance optionsImproved modifications that increase independence and productivityIncreased chance that individuals with disabilities and their families can continue to be successfully involved in production agriculture

10New Staff RemindersKeep your directors, colleagues, and NIFA informed of any significant recognition of your projectInform me if you have a change in or reorganization of project staffSubmit progress reports on time

11Q and AsWho do I contact if I have questions about submitting my Current Research Information System (CRIS) report?CRIS Office: 202-690-0119When is my CRIS report due?Reports are due 90 days prior to the expiration date of the current grant.*What do I need to include in my CRIS report?Output, impact, progress, publications and progress *

12Q and AsWhen is my continuation application due?It will vary by projects. States will be notified individually.Where can I find the terms and conditions of my award?Award Face Sheet Provisions Section Questions?

14Contact Information

Brad ReinDivision Director, Agricultural Systems [email protected]: 202-401-0151Fax: 202-401-5179