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2. CHILD ABUSE REPORTING The Board of Education requires its staff to comply with state child abuse and neglect laws andthe mandatory reporting of suspected neglect and/or abuse. Any school official or employeewho knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that a child has been subjected to abuse orneglect, or who observes the child being subjected to conditions or circumstances which wouldreasonably result in in abuse or neglect, will immediately report or cause a report to the buildingprincipal, or his or her designee, who will then become responsible for making a report via theChild Abuse Hotline (1-800-3923738) Short Version-Report any suspected child abuse to your administrator or counselor. 3. FERPA/CONFIDENTIALITYTo the extent permitted by law, any public record held by this school district that is generated or received pursuant to this policy shall be closed and available only to the Board acting as quorum, a committee appointed by the Board to carry out this policy on a permanent or ad hoc basis, the compliance officer and other administrators whose duties require access to the record in order to carry out this policy. (page 8 employee handbook)Exclusions to FERPA-sole possession records such as meeting notes or teacher logs-law enforcement records used for investigation and enforcementmedical treatment records of students who are working for the school, but no longer enrolled thererecords that contain only information about the students after they are no longer enrolled in the school - post enrollment 4. FERPA PART 2 STUDENT PRIVACY RIGHTS AND SCHOOL RESPONSIBILITIES Parental requests to examine educational records must be granted within 45 daysA noncustodial parent has all rights granted under FERPA unless denied in a court orderThe following record inspection procedures should be followed. -keep a log of all request and disclosures made to third parties-the principal will be the districts designee to handle all requests to examine student records-verify parent identity - disclose nothing over the phone.-remove the names of any other students that might be included in the records-assistance for parents should be given only by the principalShort Version - do not discuss student information with anyone other than school employees 5. STUDENT DISCIPLINETo assist district staff in maintaining the necessary classroom environment, the Board of Education has created a discipline code that addresses the consequences, including suspension or expulsion, for students whose conduct is prejudicial to good order and discipline in the impairs the morale or good conduct of other students. These policies, regulations and procedures will apply to all students attending in-district instructional and support programs as well as at school- sponsored activities. (page 89, employee handbook)Short Version - We must explain all regulations, policies and procedures pursuant to student discipline. We must have student and parent signatures verifying that we have provided access to all discipline policies, regulations and procedures.Employee Handbook, page 89. 6. TECHNOLOGY Violation of Technology Usage Policies and ProceduresUse of the districts technology resources is a privilege, not a right. A users privileges may be suspended pending an investigation concerning use of the districts technology resources. Any violation of district policies, regulations or procedures regarding technology usage may result in temporary, long-term or permanent suspension of user privileges.All disciplinary measures for students and staff will be determined by the administration.Employee Handbook, pages 18-20 7. COPYRIGHT Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials Copyrighted materials, whether they are print or non-print, will not be duplicated, reproduced, distributed or displayed for district-sponsored activities or by using district equipment except in accordance with law.Employees who violate this policy and do not attempt to remedy the situation could be terminated.Students who violate this policy and do not attempt to remedy the situation are subject to disciplinary measuresEmployee Handbook, page 22. 8. COPYRIGHT Copyright Infringement Using District Technology (page 22, employee handbook) Only appropriately licensed programs or software may be used with district technology.All persons using district technology in violation of law may lose their user privileges in addition to other sanctions. 9. BOARD POLICIESThe Board of Education shall determine the policies to serve as a basis for the administration of the school district.The Board may direct the administrative staff members to promulgate, implement, and maintain administrative procedures which are consistent with Board policies.Policies may be adopted and/or amended only upon a majority vote of the members of the Board present at a legally constituted meeting in which the proposed policy or amendment has been included on the agenda and described in writing.Web site: 10. SAFETY PROGRAMThe Board recognizes the necessity for a planned safety program to create a safe environment for the students attending, and for the professional and support staff employed by the school district. The maintenance of healthful and safe conditions throughout the school district is a responsibility shared by the Board, Superintendent and all professional staff. Web site: http// 11. BOARD/STAFFCOMMUNICATION The Board desires to maintain open channels of communication between itself and the staff. The basic line of communication will be through the superintendent.Chain of CommandStaff>Dept. Chair>V.P>Principal>Ass. Dir. ofSec. Ed.>Dir. Sec.Ed.>Superintendent>BoardWeb Site: http// 12. STAFF CONDUCT The Board of Education expects that each professional and support staff member shall put forth every effort to promote a quality instructional program in the school district. In building a quality program, employees must meet certain expectations that include, but are not limited to, the following: 1. Become familiar with, enforce and follow Board policies, regulations, administrative procedures, other directions given by district administration and state and federal laws as they affect the performance of job duties.2. Maintain courteous and professional relationships with pupils, parents/guardians, other employees of the district and all patrons of the district.3. Keep current on developments affecting the employees area of expertise or position.4. Transact all official business with the appropriate designated authority in the district in a timely manner.5. Transmit constructive criticism of other staff members or any department of the school district to the particular school administrator who has the administrative responsibility for improving the situation.6. Care for, properly use and protect school property.7. Attend all required staff meetings called by district administration, unless excused.8. Keep all student records, medical information and other sensitive information confidential as directed by law, Board policy, district procedures and the employees supervisor. 13. STAFF CONDUCTPART II 9. Immediately report all dangerous building conditions or situations to the building supervisor (MODIS) and take action to rectify the situation and protect the safety of students and others.10. Properly supervise all students. The Board expects all students to be under assigned adult supervision at all times during school and during school activity. Except in an emergency, no employee will leave an assigned group unsupervised.11. Obey all safety rules, including rules protecting the safety and welfare of students.12. Submit all required reports or paperwork at the time requested. Employees will not falsify records maintained by the school district.13. Refrain from using profanity.14. Dress Professionally and in a manner that will not interfere with the educational environment.15. Come to work and leave work at the time specified the employee handbook or by the employees supervisor. Employees who are late to work, stop working before the scheduled time, or work beyond the scheduled time without permission may be subjected to discipline, including termination.16. School employees, other than a commissioned law enforcement officers, shall not strip search students, as defined in state law, except in situations where an employee (ADMINISTRATORS) reasonably believes that the student possesses a weapon, explosive or substance that poses an imminent threat of physical harm to the student and others and a commissioned officer is not immediately available. 14. STAFF CONDUCT PART III 17. School employees shall not direct a student to remove an emblem, insignia or garment, including a religious emblem, insignia or garment, as long as such emblem, insignia or garment is worn in a manner that does not promote disruptive behavior.18. State law prohibits teachers from participating in the management of a campaign for the election or defeat of a member of the Board of Education that employs such teacher.19. Employees will not use district funds or resources to advocate, support or oppose any ballot measure or candidate for public office.20. Employee will not use any time during work day for campaigning purposes, unless allowed by law.Web site: 15. CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKSEMPLOYEES Generally,the district will conduct a criminal background check in accordance with law on all new employees before they have contact with any student:Only exception - a part time teacher who has been hired within one year of their retirement.DISTRICT NOTIFICATION All employees and other persons required to submit to a criminal background check pursuan