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Melody Schrank , RD/LD the Chickasaw Nation [email protected] EBT Staff Training. EBT User Group Meeting July 2014. 4000 participants 8 clinics 20 front- line staff 33 vendors. Constant State of Change. Spirit (first SAM)- May 2007 Food Package - - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of EBT Staff Training

  • EBT Staff TrainingEBT User Group MeetingJuly 2014Melody Schrank, RD/LDthe Chickasaw [email protected]

  • 4000 participants 8 clinics20 front- line staff 33 vendors

  • Spirit (first SAM)- May 2007Food Package - August 2009Statewide Online EBT -October 2010Constant State of Change

  • Staff Training EBT 101 with processor 4 months prior to rolloutLearning the lingo: EBT, APL, UPC, PLU

  • Implementation Training1 week prior to rolloutHands-on training using test environmentCombination of Spirit Enhancement Contractor, EBT Processor & Chickasaw Nation

  • Card IssuanceBenefit issuance/ adjustmentTransaction historyAccount balance

    Spirit (MIS) Training

  • EBT Processor TrainingIVRPinning a card

  • Participant/ Proxy Identification# cards per householdCard replacement policyChickasaw Nation Policy

  • Issuance of milk products to broadband (2%, 1%, skim, lactose free, evaporated).25 gallons milk = 1 quart.25 beans = 1 canFood Issuance Changes

  • 128/256 ounces infant foodIssue Whole Grains in ouncesChocolate Milk- issue the subcat

    Food Issuance Changes

  • Staff visited stores to make compliance buysRecommend for all states implementing EBT!The Shopping Experience

  • Lessons learnedTrain your staff how to troubleshoot basic EBT issues & to gather the information State Office staff will need to troubleshoot more difficult issues!

  • Troubleshooting EBT IssuesCard Declined at Store or No BalanceDoes a balance show in the EBT Account?Were benefits issued?When is the First & Last Day to Use on benefits?Were all benefits redeemed?

  • Troubleshooting EBT IssuesParticipant Unable to Purchase a Food ItemIs the food allowed?Is the container size allowed?Is the balance sufficient for the item?Store/Food Item/ Brand/ Container Size/ UPC?

  • Troubleshooting EBT IssuesParticipant Unable to PIN CardAre the mailing zip code and DOB for cardholder correct in Spirit?Is the participant using a touch-screen phone?

  • Deciphering the ReceiptInitial balanceWIC PurchaseEnding balance

  • Contact [email protected]