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Training Staff. Office Management. Phase Training. Can be modified for each position in the hospital. Consists of phases to be completed by a set time or date. Overview will be for a veterinary technician/assistant. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Training Staff

  • Training StaffOffice Management

  • Phase TrainingCan be modified for each position in the hospital. Consists of phases to be completed by a set time or date.Overview will be for a veterinary technician/assistant.Make sure to have specific person assigned to training, and potentially have sign off sheets to demonstrate particular tasks have been taught. Do not overwhelm the new employee or expect overnight results.

  • Phase 1 Week 1Meet all staff members.Have appropriate employee forms completed and turned in.Know location of schedule, bulletin or posting area.Know how and take responsibility for clocking in and out.Know emergency numbers and where fire extinguishers are located.

  • Phase 1 ContinuedHave a basic knowledge of where things are located.Clean smocks and laundry room.Know where to place personal items while at work.Understand and adhere to client confidentiality, doctor confidentiality and personal information.Know how to clean kennels and basic hospital housekeeping.

  • Phase 1 ContinuedKnow where cleaning supplies are located.Safely greet and handle pets.Know opening and closing procedures.Know what is expected and where to locate job checklists and manuals.Read employee handbook.

  • Phase 2- Weeks 2-4Know how to answer phone properly and correctly redirect the call.Know how to greet clients and pets.Weigh in proceduresCorrect record keeping and filing proceduresHelp to prepare for the next day.Correctly fill out cage cardsKnow how to interpret cage cards.Learn the procedure for disposing of waste an sharp objects.

  • Phase 2- ContinuedKnow location of vaccines and how to prepareCorrectly restrain animals.Know how to apply muzzles.Know how to remove frightened, anxious or injured animal from the cage.Obtain and record TPRs.Learn to prepare sample for in house or reference lab testing.

  • Phase 2- ContinuedLearn proper use and care of clippers and blades.Learn the proper procedure for counting and labeling prescriptions.Learn the proper requirements fro handling and record keeping of controlled drugs.Learn to properly check in shipmentsBasic knowledge of inventory and how to restockLearn procedures for taking care of boardersReceive keys to clinic.

  • Phase 3- Weeks 4-6Learn more about answering phones, answer basic questions properly and be able to take good messages and relay fewer, more urgent messages to doctors.Learn how to develop, file and maintenance of x-rays.Learn how to properly create and clean surgical packs including identification of instruments and sterilization procedures.Learn how to properly restrain an animal for IV injectionsKnow basic forms of payment and payment plans afforded by the clinic.Learn basic anesthetic machine maintenance.Learn how to run Heartworm and Combo TestsLearn how to trim nails.

  • Phase 4- Weeks 7-10Spin blood and urine samples and correct procedures for running machines.Learn how to set up for all types of procedures and prepare patients for surgery.Properly set up for catheters and fluids.Learn how to monitor patients on IV fluids and/or meds.Flush catheters and change bags.

  • Phase 4- ContinuedLearn how to set up for dentals.Learn how to safely and correctly take x-rays.Identify and locate commonly used medications.Learn hospitals recommendations fro clients regarding parasite prevention, heartworm products, other protocols, etc.Provide feedback to supervisors about process of orientations.

  • Phase 5- 11 weeks to EternityLearn location of emergency drugs.Learn proper administration of emergency drugs.Begin performing DentalsAdminister injections.Run bloodwork independently.Intubate patients.Monitor anesthesia.Take x-rays independently.Perform grief counseling

  • Tools Available in Veterinary HospitalsACT series helps with training.EVetU also offers some online resources.May receive training from representatives for machines and/or drugs.Never stop learning, Never stop training.