New Product Launch Presentation August 2009 New Product Launch Presentation August 2009

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Transcript of New Product Launch Presentation August 2009 New Product Launch Presentation August 2009

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New Product Launch Presentation

August 2009

Breaded Green Chile Fries #0275320 Bold-flavored Anaheim Chile pepper strips coated in a crispy jalapeo crumb seasoned with herb and spices. Perfect as an appetizer, sandwich garnish, entre topper , snack or side item.

Introducing! Breaded Green Chile Fries



IQF Anaheim Green Chile Pepper Strips with a crisp bite and fresh taste.

Chile Strips are coated with a crispy jalapeno and herb crumb coating.

Chile strips are 2.5 4.5 long.

Item #0275320

Pack 6/2# bag

Piece Size .4o oz.

Approx. pieces per pound 27-47

Breaded Green Chile Fries


An exciting new way to spice up any menu.

Taste buds will love the flavor and crunch!

Versatile as appetizer, salad topper and side dish.

Approx. Piece Cost: $.12

*Based on 20% distributor markup


Small plates, tapas, snacks, and appetizers are big - with new any of our products, customers will enjoy an exciting dining experience with the potential for meal customization.

Patrons are looking for products with a bold, spicy, flavor profile steady sales growth and popularity.

Breaded Green Chile Fries are ideal to serve as an appetizer with dipping sauces, a side dish, or a snack -- on trend for todays smart consumer.

On-trend menu item - top selling appetizer at national restaurant chain! Thus, product awareness has been heightened by national chain offerings and advertising.

Great shareable item for entertaining , customizing unique party platters.

Fantastic Vegetarian menu offering.

Why Freds for Starters Fancy Fries


Anaheim Green Chiles - A type of chile pepper that is about a 3-5" in length, is green in color, and has a mild to medium-hot flavor. It is sold fresh and is also available roasted, dried, or canned. When the chile is dried, it turns a dark burgundy color. It is sometimes referred to as the New Mexico chile, but the actual New Mexico chiles are a bit hotter. When canned, this chile is typically labeled simply as "green chiles".

Anaheim chiles are a good complement to egg dishes, stews, and vegetable dishes.Anaheim's are very popular in Southwestern US Cuisine. Also called "New Mexican Chile".

Anaheim Green Chiles - 101


Breaded/Battered Appetizers Operator Segmentation

Full service restaurants are the largest user segment, followed by limited service restaurants.

Segment$MMShare (%)*Full Service Restaurants$31950%Limited Service Restaurants10016Business & Industry366Lodging518Healthcare183Primary/Secondary Schools193College/University467Supermarkets193C-Stores122All Other122Total$633100%

Source: Technomic, Inc.

Where To Sell Breaded Green Chile Fries


Profitability Model

APPROXIMATE OPERATOR COSTBreaded Green Chile FriesCase Price$45.00After Distributor Markup (20%)$54.00Serving Per Case68Price Per Serving$.79Serving Per PortionAbout 6-7 piecesPrice Per Portion$.12Sauce/Garnish$0.50Total Plate Cost$1.29Menu Price$4.99Contribution Per Plate$3.70Food Cost26%


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