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It was prepared for a competition "PRODUCT LAUNCH "

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  • 1. AkashAhanaImmanuel NayanikaRakesh

2. GREENOBILELOCATION:CaliforniaYEAR:1980FOUNDER:Mr.ArainTYPE :Public Limited Co. IDEOLOGY:Sucessfully recognise the hindrances inautomobiles and provide suitable technology`preferably ecofriendly`. 3. Familarise the areas of fuel efficiency:1.Zero-Emission fuel2.Hydrogen-fuel cell3.Flex fuel4.Direct-fuel injection5.Bio-fuels & waste exhaust heat 4. 1.OBLIGATION TO SOCIETY2.DEVELOPMENT3.GROWTH4.BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT5.PROFITABILITY 5. 2D VIEW 6. 3d viewAlgite system 7. flexi-borosilicateair-pressure relieverfluid algaeair presure-relieverpump,in-out gas lets,connectors 8. AES CARS 9. USPIt is the only practical affordable ExhaustTechnology for 4-wheelers which is efficient inconverting 73% of Carbon-Dioxide to Oxygenhelping to curb Global-Warming. 10. PRODUCT - Algite Exhaust SystemModel of car Materials used Efficiency 11. Complete exhaustsystem$600(average)Algite system $300(average)Area & number oflayersMiscellaneous modifications 12. - Countries using more 4wheelers 13. PROMOTION NGO`s,Advertisement, Advertisement, Awareness programmes NGO`s 14. Segmentation: The market is segmented tothe 4-wheeler manufacturing sectors which can adopt the AES technique to improve the exhaust system. Target:Government & the leading automobile brands whose approval & declaration can promotethe product to a major extent. Positioning:Positioned in all the recommendedservice centres and applications accepted atautomobile brand outlets. 15. 1.Innovative2.Feasable cost 3.Distribution 4.Efficient 5.Responsible 16. 1.Bioreactors have to be changed frequently. 2.Technique cannot be adopted for 2-wheelers. 3.Lack of knowledge among customers. 4.Narrow product range. 17. 1.Increasing auto-mobile population.2.government ventures!! 18. 1.Aggregated risk.2.Refusal by the government.3.Convincing public. 4.Unhealthy competitions. 19. 1. Advancement in technology.2. Reduce carbon-footprint.3. Introduce diversification ofproducts.4. Initiate more socially vibrant go-green projects.5. To widen distribution channel.