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We have prepared this ppt based on a new product launch.. and our product is a phoneblock !!

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2. Un-Blok 3. Reason 4. Phonebloks 5. WORKING 6. The holes in the motherboard contain electrical connectors, which form a circuit with the conductive pins of the blocks, creating a fully functional -- and fully upgradeable -- phone. 7. Instead of having a fixed specification, you can tailor-make your own phone using bloks individual modules such as cameras, processors and batteries to suit your needs. 8. Phonebloks is a phone made to upgrade and repair; it's a phone worth keeping. Usually we throw it away after a couple of years. But this one is made to last. 9. Focus is mainly towards early adopters of new technology.Targeted towards metropolitan cities in India.Giving a tough competition to smart phones.Creating a hype in the market. 10. Create a hype in the market by the tagline: Un-Blok Out-of-the-box and quirky techniques. 11. Ads on TelevisionsAds on channels like CNN,NDTV profit, etc 12. Non Conventional Advertising 13. RAJIV MAKHNI 14. Budget Preparation 15. MEDIAINSERTIONSIZEPLACERATE(in Rs)PAGEAMOUNTSPORTS, BUSINESS & FASHION MAGAZINE1 monthFull pageMumbai, Delhi and Chennai city33000 per page4 page5,28,000SMALL HORDINGS & BOARDS10 DaysFull BoardMumbai, Delhi, Chennai.200000 per day4 hoardings80,00,000Social Net. Sites(Fb & yahoo)TOTAL1000 views/ $ 2.992,99,00088,28,0000 16. MusicChannels Mon-Sat(13:00-17:00) Duration 15 seconds Spot-2 Rate/10 Totalsec 1,65000budget for the series- 3,30,000 17. CNBC & other news channelsMon-Fri (13:00 - 15:30 )Duration 15 secondsSpot- 2Rate/10 sec 1,36,000Total budget for the serial = 2,72,000 18. TOTAL BUDGET88,28,000 + 3,30,000 + 2,72,000 = 94,30,000 19. PARTICULARSPRICE IN RUPEESSlim phone body7,210Snapdragon mobile processors5800Long lasting Battery (2 years warranty)900Internal memory (1TB)362049 Mp Camera12,909Display7800Speakers4800Bluetooth1600Wifi2600MVAT2360Total49,599 20. Aggressive advertising will be done to createawareness among the Indian people. Series of print ads in magazines. Advertising on TV channels showing proper demonstration and effectiveness of the product will be made. Higher emphasis on advertising using internet and social media channel. 21. Phonebloks is a smart phone made up of modular elements. The modular design is intended to minimize electronic waste Its easy to tear the Sachet & easy to open the tube. 22. Products are being targeted towardsurban cities of Mumbai and Delhi. 23. Age factor is taken into considerationIncome Middle ,Upper Middle and Hi-net worth Consumer Occupation- Student ,Working professionalsand business individuals. 24. BEHAVIORAL SEGMENTATION is done on basis of Benefits To reduce e-waste. Attitudetowards product- Enthusiastic &positive 25. Cell Ltd will be positioned as a mobile phone with unique featureThe product can be seen by consumer as a smart and eco-friendly product symbolizing easy-to-use.Promotion campaigns & distribution strategy will help to achieve these above mentioned objectives.Point of parity: Customers can easily associate themselves with the product as a product made only for tech-savvy and eco-concious generation. 26. MarketSizeIndia is capable of making all components of mobile phones28 million units every year are produced growing at 30 % per annumSamsung covers 80% of the market shares in all over India. 27. Its a Smartphone which has modular elements At lower cost A strong Punch Line It can be upgraded easily Manage demand Commitment to excellence Excellent customer service 28. It might be difficult to divert peoples mind from other smart phonesColour Limitation 29. Expand in other countries were we can gain more customersMaintain exclusivity of the brandFast growing youth presents growth opportunityTie up with fashion houses and special schemes for youth 30. Tough competition from Apple & SamsungYouth segment is price sensitive 31. Inclusion ofnew features inphonebloks Higher Advertisements Morenew colours 32.