Marketing for Startups Silicon Valley in the Baltics - Shira Abel 2013

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Lecture given at Silicon Valley in the Baltics. Encompases both mobile & web marketing + behavioural engineering.

Transcript of Marketing for Startups Silicon Valley in the Baltics - Shira Abel 2013

  • 1.MARKETING FOR STARTUPS Because if people dont know you exist, it really doesnt matter how much your product rocks

2. We Help CompaniesBEFOREAFTERDOUBLED VIEWS & REVENUE 3. Shira Abel CEO, Hunter & Bard Marketing strategy Marketing implementation Full branding & designTeach Marketing for Startups at StartHub (Tel Aviv/ Jaffa Academic College) Mentor at: Google, Microsoft, Founder Institute, Seedcamp, & more Cover Israeli startups for TNW 4. A true unfair advantage is something that cannot be easily copied or bought. - Jason Cohen 5. @shiraabelAgenda Strategy Alpha LaunchWeb / Tablet vs. Mobile Building Marketing Into the Product Branding Product market fit 6. @shiraabelMARKETING SHOULD START THE MOMENT THE PRODUCT IS CONCEPTUALIZED 7. @shiraabelWhats Your Strategy 8. @shiraabelExample Business Objective Improve Financial Performance Business Metric Reduce Long-Term Dependence on Ads & Lower Overall CostsMarketing Metric Increase Relationship / Content Marketing Raise percentage of traffic from blog versus ads 9. EXAMPLE 10. @shiraabelSample Marketing Strategies for Web Become known as a product leader in a chosen niche (think Martha Stewart home, or Buffer social media management) Increase average purchase rate (instore recommendations are great for this)Create evangelists who will bring in a wider client base Increase customer lifetime value by giving information that the customer values (creates loyalty / increases switching cost think Kissmetrics blog) 11. @shiraabelSample Marketing Strategies for Apps Create several free apps that have in-app advertisements directing to your paid app Have your free app represent a much larger service (store, blog, service, company this is where the monetization is)Have in-app revshare advertising and go for large numbers (Inneractive, Admob, etc.) Have a free Lite and a Premium Paid version (Lite having advertising Premium having none) 12. @shiraabelThe Holy Trinity of Marketing Online Earned Media / PRGOOD PRODUCT SEO / Ads / AffiliateRelationship Marketing 13. @shiraabelThe Holy Trinity of Mobile Marketing Earned Media / PR / ReviewsGREAT PRODUCT IS REQUIREDGREAT PRODUCT SEO / Ads / LocalizationSocial Integration 14. @shiraabelPerformance Measurement Is your objective SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic & time specific? What are your strategic initiatives? Build awareness Expand distribution (i.e. increase downloads) Build penetration Build buying rate Increase loyaltyFunnel e.g. when purchases through the app Where do you want people to go? What action do you want people to take? Track the movement Conversion rate / A/B Testing Test & iterate 15. @shiraabelMarketing for the Concept Phase1Build the marketing into the product. Create an incentive to share. Make sharing easy.2Get to know influencers & media people on Twitter. Give a lot. Dont ask for anything.3Test assumptions (cost, messaging, bundle mix, etc.). Mobile ads app/ Ads landing page 16. @shiraabelIN THE BEGINNING THE GOAL SHOULD BE PRODUCT / MARKET FIT 40% IS GOLD* * 40% of your customer base would be upset if your product disappeared. Seth Ellis 17. @shiraabelHow to Test Your Idea - Web Create a Minimal Viable Product MVP Thisll be ugly and basic Take people through the motionsAds to landing pages to test messages see what people click on Can build an entire product & takem down to BUY Once product/market fit has been reached do a Big Launch 18. @shiraabelHow to Test Your Idea - Mobile Create a rough app & have friends & family test via Testflight (very beginning) Make a MVP and launch in the app store of a smaller country only Create a Minimal Viable Brand Purpose Why do we exist Positioning Where do we fit in the market Personality How do we tell that story*Once product/market fit had been reached, build the main app and do a Big Launch 19. @shiraabelAlpha Phase Start the blog with newsletter sign up (think Daniel Morrill & Mattermark) Landing pages more sign ups A/B test messaging & optimization using or (more sign ups) Social outreach starts to the media The point is to begin building an interest and an audience through good content before launch 20. @shiraabelLaunch Phase Ask the media people and influencers who now know you if they would be willing to check out your product & give feedback PR on a slow news day (avoid days where Apple announces anything, election days, CES, DLD, etc) Send an announcement to the list youve been growing through the blog, ads, and social Attempt an act of virility (I say attempt, because nothing is guaranteed) 21. @shiraabelSample Tactics (not in order) Mobile Ads (FB, Google & in complimentary apps) PR (Media Kit recommended) Facebook Podcast YouTube Twitter Quora LinkedIn Blogging Newsletter / Email (highest ROI of all digital media) Google+ Games Forums White papers / Case studies Peer review Seeding posts Infographics E-book Webinars Community Guest blogging Teleseminar Affiliate Marketing Game elements (e.g. leader board, 80% signed up, awards for actions) SEO / SEM Pinterest Blog commenting 22. AFTER PRODUCT MARKET FIT SEEK TO ACQUIRE MASS USERS 23. @shiraabelEarned Media & PR Brings big numbers all at once Gives a spike of traffic May not be aimed at the target market (i.e. much of the time TechCrunch isnt the target market, but its what VCs read & gives social proof) Has a strong trust rate 24. @shiraabelAffiliate, SEO & Media Buy (Ads) Immediate Targeted Mobile has a stronger conversion than web Strongest conversion is mobile FB Costs (which is fine if you charge, could be a dilemma if youre free) Doesnt build a relationship Has the lowest trust rate Affiliate needs to be well vetted in order to not destroy the brand 25. @shiraabelRelationship Marketing Takes time Builds the brand Costs (yes, time is money) Builds a relationship Increases referral rate One key point social needs to be built into the product 26. @shiraabelBEHAVIORAL ENGINEERING 27. @shiraabelONCE PEOPLE START TO COME HOW DO YOU GET THEM TO COME BACK? AND SHARE? 28. @shiraabelAction Triggers What gets your customer moving? 29. Nir Eyal If you dont know him you should. 30. @shiraabelJack Dorsey: The Power of User Narratives 31. Amazing Resource 32. @shiraabelGive an Incentive 33. Keep in Touch Email Keep it short A/B test several subject lines Action-trigger emails have a higher opening rate Keep it relevant Appropriate landing page funnel them in Let people choose what they want to be notified for DONT BUY LISTS OR SPAM 34. Keep in Touch Notifications iOS 108 characters max Android recommended 50 characters max (1line on the notification bar) * ht/ Danya Schwartz Bar-El Localize sending so user receives notification between 9-11am or 2-5pm (but test first) A/B test messaging for a couple of days then blast everybody else with the winner In-app landing page like all landing pages fitted to the message and the push campaign 35. @shiraabelCommunity 36. @shiraabelCommunity 37. @shiraabelKnow Your Market 38. @shiraabelViral If You Can 39. @shiraabelWatch the Funnel Acquisition Learns About Product Conversion Signs Up Retention Uses Product WOM (Sharing) Buys 40. @shiraabelBuild an App Family Main AppSend advertising to main app Do complimentary apps NOT same app with different names (branded house or a house of brands) Lite and paid versions 41. @shiraabelLocalization 42. @shiraabelBranding Apps are all about branding. The app store is like the supermarket shelf. 43. @shiraabelUgly Icon**What NOT to do 44. @shiraabelPretty Icon 45. @shiraabelBest Pics of the App 46. @shiraabelText is Below = No One Reads It, SEO Only 47. Social Proof = Ratings & Reviews@shiraabel 48. @shiraabelHOW DO YOU TURN YOUR APP INTO A HABIT? 49. @shiraabelDesign 50. @shiraabelWarm Fuzzy Feeling= Community 51. @shiraabelMake Sharing Part of the Experience 52. @shiraabelGamification** Use with caution the obvious ways are already pass 53. B2B 54. @shiraabelSample Marketing Strategies for B2B Become known as a industry leader in a chosen niche (think about crossing the chasm Outbrain does this well) Connect with those who use your product where they live online (Objet has a FB page for that reason)Let the end-user (who may not be the client) know about your work (i.e. Intel inside) Increase customer lifetime by giving information that the customer values (creates loyalty / increases switching cost) 55. @shiraabelSample Tactics (not in order) White papers / Case studies Peer review Newsletter / Email (highest ROI of all digital media) Forums E-book Webinars Community Guest blogging Podcast Teleseminar Affiliate Marketing Game elements (e.g. leader board, 80% signed up) SEO / SEM Online Ads (FB, Google & more) PR (Media Kit recommended) Facebook Pinterest YouTube Twitter Quora LinkedIn Blogging Seeding posts Google+ Blog commenting Games Infographics 56. @shiraabelCommunicating to an International Market Americans spell correctly. However, the British disagree. There are more Americans than British (localize your English even when its for Australians) Spelling and grammar count mistakes lower trust levels in all languages and cultures Find someone from the culture youre aiming to sell to, who knows marketing to do your marketing. OR go there & live for a bit. Understanding culture is critical. 57. @shiraabelInternational Partnerships Europe & Israel are local use it to your advantage Find companies in complimentary industries to do joint partnerships with e.g. A high end organic bed company does a joint promotion with a high end organic bedding (sheets) company email lists are combined & both companies & customers benefit Face to face is ideal, but Skype works wonders when F2F is not possible 58. @shiraabelThought Leadership is Critic