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Lecture on behavioral engineering given at Socialize 12.

Transcript of Behavioral Engineering Socialize12 Shira Abel 2013

  • 1.BEHAVIORAL ENGINEERING They came. And then they left. How do you get them to come back? And spend?

2. We Help CompaniesBEFOREAFTERDOUBLED VIEWS & REVENUE 3. SHIRA ABEL CEO, Hunter & Bard Marketing strategy Marketing implementation Full branding & designTeach Marketing for Startups at StartHub (Tel Aviv/ Jaffa Academic College) Mentor at: Google, Microsoft, Founder Institute, Seedcamp, & more Cover Israeli startups for TNW 4. Simplicity changes behavior. - BJ Fogg 5. @shiraabelT-shirt Economy 6. @shiraabelFinancial Economy 7. @shiraabelAction Triggers What gets your customer moving? 8. Nir Eyal If you dont know him you should. 9. @shiraabelONCE PEOPLE START TO COME HOW DO YOU GET THEM TO COME BACK? AND SHARE? 10. @shiraabelJack Dorsey: The Power of User Narratives 11. Amazing Resource 12. @shiraabelGive an Incentive 13. Keep in Touch Email Keep it short A/B test several subject lines Action-trigger emails have a higher opening rate Keep it relevant Appropriate landing page funnel them in Let people choose what they want to be notified for DONT BUY LISTS OR SPAM 14. Keep in Touch Notifications iOS 108 characters max Android recommended 50 characters max (1line on the notification bar) * ht/ Danya Schwartz Bar-El Localize sending so user receives notification between 9-11am or 2-5pm (but test first) A/B test messaging for a couple of days then blast everybody else with the winner In-app landing page like all landing pages fitted to the message and the push campaign 15. @shiraabelCommunity 16. @shiraabelCommunity 17. @shiraabelKnow Your Market 18. @shiraabelViral If You Can 19. Hat tip: 20. @shiraabelReferences & Reads THANK YOUS: Dan-ya Shwartz Bar-El & Ze'ev Rosenstein Breakthrough Marketing Plans