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  • 1.@shiraabel Oh, my!

2. @shiraabelShira Abel CEO, Hunter & Bard 10+ years in hi-tech internet marketing EMBA from Kellogg School ofManagement, Tel Aviv University Branch Lectured worldwide on digital marketing Marketing blogger, Twitter fiend 3. @shiraabel Social Marketing is Not New Q: What did Dorothy, the Lion, Tiger, & Bear have in common? A: They wanted to be heard & acknowledged Q: Where did Word of Mouth Marketing come from? The second someone recommended one merchant over another (in other words, centuries ago) 4. @shiraabel PeopleLike to Share 5. @shiraabel Gained Mind Share = Loyalty 6. @shiraabel 7. @shiraabel Integrate Social Into Your Strategy This one scares me 8. @shiraabel Strategy & Real Engagement Works YouTube Views 2010 An ave. increase of 176%YouTube Views 2009 9. @shiraabel Different Platforms = Different Results 10. @shiraabel Twitter Haz Search? The break up with Google last year has not done Twitter any favors in the SERPs they dont show up Doesnt work well with BING either And their own search sucks isnt very good FORTUNATELY its not all about search. Twitter is a great place to engage online in real time 11. @shiraabel Facebook Fan Page BING Anyone? The world lives on FB (minus Japan where they live on Mixi & Brazil where they live on Orkut) Edgerank is the FB ranking algorithm Rates photos the highest, then video, then content Slams you if too many people Hide your page from their wall Uses BING as their internal search for outside results 12. @shiraabel Google+ Search Plus Your World Google+ posts are now showing up higher than brand websites or other social platforms in Googles SERPs 13. @shiraabel And the Mighty Google Spoketh Adds content to your Google+ profile +1 tab or wall (if you add a comment) Affects the posts standing in the SERPs You can +1 a website while searching Google 14. @shiraabel I Can See, I Can See! Owned by Google 2nd largest search engine Fully integrated into Google+ Easier to SEO by the day Good information in the analytics 15. @shiraabel For Lifetime Post Value 16. @shiraabel People are Sharing 17. @shiraabel Process of Engagement Whats your goal? Getting people to go to a certain location? Mind share? Educating the consumer? Where does your customer live? (Nearly everyone is on Facebook) More chatty people are on Twitter Google+ seems to be people who love animated GIFs What are they interested in? Give it to them. Really. Its that simple Remember Its Not About You 18. @shiraabel Discovery & Retention 19. @shiraabel Social is not like SEM or SEO WHEN YOU HAVE TO BUY THEIRLOVE, YOUVE LOST 20. @shiraabelHave a heart. Show you care. 21. @shiraabel Take Aways Giving builds trust which in turnbuilds loyalty People would rather purchase fromand work with a company that theylike Using social as a push media will notget you the results you desire Google OWNS you. Like it or not, youhave to be there (cue MiriamSchwab) 22. @shiraabel Thank Yous, References, & Reads 51943c21c5ed4 (took the headline, which is just brilliant and totally true) twitter-crazy-107554 23. @shiraabel Where is Your Customer?