5 Cheap Ways to Grow Your Market - Startup Marketing Conference Shira Abel

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5 cheap ways to grow your market. If you have a bootstrapped startup and can't afford a massive campaign, what do you do? Here's some advice for you.

Transcript of 5 Cheap Ways to Grow Your Market - Startup Marketing Conference Shira Abel

  • 1. Marketing on a Budget5 Low-cost high impactways to grow your brand*

2. S h i r a A b e l VP Marketing, Musketeer CEO, Hunter & Bard Marketing strategy Marketing implementation Full branding & design Taught Marketing for Startups atStartHub (Tel Aviv/ JaffaAcademic College) Mentor at: Google Campus,Microsoft, Founder Institute,Seedcamp, Trento, & more MBA, Kellogg School ofManagement@shiraabel 3. http://www.getmusketeer.com/startupsocialsLaunching Mid-November 4. No Money? 5 Things*1. Great Product2. PR3. Content4. Email Marketing5. Behavioral Engineering6. *Small Things Matter7. *Good Things you need to know@shiraabel 5. Do you have what it takes towin?@shiraabel 6. The Holy Trinity of MarketingOnlineEarned Media / PRGREATPRODUCTRelationshipMarketingSEO / Ads /Affiliate@shiraabel 7. The Holy Trinity of MobileMarketingEarned Media / PRGREATPRODUCT@shiraabelSeamless Mobile AdsSocial sharing 8. How are you thrilling yourcustomer? 9. Noise has valuePR & EARNED MEDIA 10. How do we buy?Familiarity builds trust. This is true for B2C, B2B, and B2D.@shiraabel 11. @shiraabelWhy Earned Media & PR Exposes you to big numbers all at once Gives a spike of traffic May be strategic instead of pure growth(e.g. much of the time TechCrunch isntthe target market, but its what VCs read& gives social proof) Has a strong trust rate 12. @shiraabelWhat is Earned Media & PR Blog posts that you write and submit forpublishing (how-tos are great for this) Coverage from any media (radiointerview, blog post, news article, etc) Mentions from others that you didntpitch Evangelists who are well known (imagineOprah mentioning you to her minions) 13. How to Do Earned Media & PR Get to know media & bloggers on Twitter long beforelaunch Give 2 weeks before launch ask if they would be willing tocheck out your product (consider an embargo) Ive heard of success from mass emails (luckiest womanIve ever met only case of success I know) KEEP YOUR ASK SHORT@shiraabel 14. Sample Email 15. For inquisitive mindsCONTENT 16. @shiraabelContent Marketing Takes time Builds the brand Costs (yes, time is money) Builds a relationship Increases referral rate One key point social needs to be builtinto the product 17. What Do You Read?@shiraabel No one cares about your company People are busy They care about what they need forwork or life Dont waste their time Speak to your customer with respect 18. Sound old school? DONT CARE!EMAIL MARKETING 19. Highest ROI of all digitalmarketing!@shiraabel 20. Test EverythingNever assume youre right.A/B test:Subject linesContentColorsPictures@shiraabel 21. One AskCall to Action@shiraabelIf you dont ask how will anyone know what you want them to do? 22. Building the marketing into the productBEHAVIORAL ENGINEERING 23. Reward Status Achievement Self Expression Competition AltruismPointsLevelsChallengesVirtual GoodsLeaderboardsGifting &Charity 24. @shiraabelEngineering Social Proof 25. Engineering Social Proof@shiraabelAsk for reviews inupdate notes 26. @shiraabelEngineering the Path to OKThe user must do a setof actions, beforepermission is requested. 27. @shiraabelEngineering the Path to OKUser-triggered requestsshowed the highestconversion rates 28. @shiraabelEngineering the Path to OKMarking optional fieldsonly encouragesvoluntary over-disclosure 29. @shiraabelHow You Say Things MattersResearchers found that placing thefollowing statement at the end ofan ad caused their trust scores tojump as much as 33 percent!You can trust us to do the job foryou. 30. It all adds upSMALL THINGS MATTER 31. Priming@shiraabel 32. FramingHow you say and do things matters.@shiraabel 33. Loss AversionFear of missing out.@shiraabel 34. Inclusion e.g. Easter Egg 35. Achievement 36. These will help youGOOD THINGS 37. @shiraabelLocalization 38. Viral If You Can@shiraabel 39. Sample Tactics (not in order) Mobile Ads (FB, Google & in complementary apps) PR (Media Kit recommended) Facebook Podcast YouTube Twitter Quora LinkedIn Blogging Newsletter / Email (highest ROI of all digital media) Google+ Games Forums White papers / Case studies Peer review Seeding posts Infographics E-book Webinars Community Guest blogging Teleseminar Affiliate Marketing Game elements (e.g. leader board,80% signed up, awards for actions) SEO / SEM Pinterest Blog commenting@shiraabel 40. RapportiveFind the email of theperson you want toconnect to by checkingnames through theRapportive plugin.@shiraabel 41. Boomerang in Gmail@shiraabelThis helps youremember to sendthat follow up email. 42. Signals@shiraabelFind out when theemail you sent wasopened by therecipient. 43. LinkedIn@shiraabelChoose who you want toconnect to:What groups is the person in?If you know the title but not thewhole name do a search inGoogle of the partial nameand title & youll get the wholename. 44. Who Are You Looking For@shiraabel 45. Google Search@shiraabel 46. First & Last Name Found!@shiraabel 47. Hat tip: 48. Connect! @shiraabel http://www.linkedin.com/in/shiraabel http://www.facebook.com/shiraabel https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ShiraAbel/posts http://www.instagram.com/shiraabel http://www.pinterest.com/shira_abel 49. Thank you! 50. 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