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Transcript of Marketing for Startups at PODIM conference - Shira Abel 2014

  • MARKETING FOR STARTUPS!Yes, your mom is excited, but is anyone else?!

  • @shiraabel

    Marko Jovanovich!Engineering!

    Shira Abel!Marketing / Strategy!

    Ivana Buric!Design!

    + An amazing team of developers, designers, UX, UI, copywriters, !& content writers!


  • @shiraabel


  • ! CEO, Hunter & Bard!! Marketing strategy!! Marketing implementation!! Full branding & design!

    ! Teach Marketing for Startups at StartHub (Tel Aviv/ Jaffa Academic College)!

    ! Mentor at: Google, Microsoft, Founder Institute, Seedcamp, & more!

    ! MBA, Kellogg School of Management!

    Shira Abel

  • @shiraabel!

    The deck will be here!



    We Help Companies

  • A true unfair advantage!is something that cannot!be easily copied or bought.!!- Jason Cohen!


  • Agenda!! Strategy!

    ! Alpha!! Launch!

    ! Web / Tablet vs. Mobile!! Building Marketing Into the Product!

    ! Branding!! Product market fit!



  • @shiraabel




  • Marketing for the Concept Phase!

    Build the marketing into the product. Create an incentive to share. Make sharing easy.!

    Test assumptions (cost, messaging, bundle mix, etc.). Mobile ads app/ Ads landing page!

    Get to know influencers & media people on Twitter. Give a lot. Dont ask for anything.!



  • How to Test Your Idea - Web!! Create a Minimal Viable Product MVP!

    ! Thisll be ugly and basic!! Take people through the motions!

    ! Ads to landing pages to test messages see what people click on!

    ! Can build an entire product & takem down to BUY!

    ! Once product/market fit has been reached do a Big Launch !


  • How to Test Your Idea - Mobile!! Create a rough app & have friends & family test

    via Testflight (very beginning)!! Make a MVP and launch in the app store of a

    smaller country only!! Create a Minimal Viable Brand !

    ! Purpose Why do we exist!! Positioning Where do we fit in the market!! Personality How do we tell that story*!

    ! Once product/market fit had been reached, build the main app and do a Big Launch !


  • Alpha Phase!! Start the blog with newsletter sign up

    (think Danielle Morrill & Mattermark)!! Landing pages more sign ups!! A/B test messaging & optimization using or (more sign ups)!

    ! Social outreach starts to the media!The point is to begin building an interest and an audience through good content before launch!


  • @shiraabel


  • Launch!

    ! Ask the media people and influencers who now know you if they would be willing to check out your product & give feedback !

    ! PR on a slow news day (avoid days where Apple announces anything, election days, CES, DLD, etc)!

    ! Send an announcement to the list youve been growing through the blog, ads, and social!

    ! Attempt an act of virality (I say attempt, because nothing is guaranteed)!


  • Whats Your Strategy!


  • Example!@shiraabel!


    Business Objective!

    Improve Financial Performance!

    Business Metric!Reduce Long-Term

    Dependence on Ads & Lower Overall Costs!

    Marketing Metric!Increase Relationship / Content Marketing Raise percentage of traffic from blog versus



  • Sample Marketing Strategies for Web!! Become known as a

    product leader in a chosen niche (think Martha Stewart home, or Buffer social media management)!

    ! Increase average purchase rate (in-store recommendations are great for this)!


    ! Create evangelists who will bring in a wider client base!

    ! Increase customer lifetime value by giving information that the customer values (creates loyalty / increases switching cost think Kissmetrics blog)!

  • Sample Marketing Strategies for Apps!! Create several free

    apps that have in-app advertisements directing to your paid app!

    ! Have your free app represent a much larger service (store, blog, service, company this is where the monetization is)!


    ! Have in-app rev-share advertising and go for large numbers (Inneractive, Admob, etc.)!

    ! Have a free Lite and a Premium Paid version (Lite having advertising Premium having none)!

  • Performance Measurement!! Is your objective SMART: specific, measurable,

    attainable, realistic & time specific?!! What are your strategic initiatives?!

    ! Build awareness!! Expand distribution (i.e. increase downloads)!! Build penetration!! Build buying rate!! Increase loyalty!

    ! Funnel e.g. when purchases through the app!! Where do you want people to go?!! What action do you want people to take? !! Track the movement!! Conversion rate / A/B Testing!! Test & iterate!


  • @shiraabel

    product /market fit!



  • The Holy Trinity of Marke:ng Online


    Earned Media / PR

    Relationship Marketing

    SEO / Ads / Affiliate


  • The Holy Trinity of Mobile Marketing!


    Earned Media / PR! / Reviews!

    Social Integration!

    SEO / Ads / !Localization!



  • Sample Tactics (not in order)! Mobile Ads (FB, Google & in

    complementary apps)! PR (Media Kit recommended)! Facebook ! Podcast! YouTube! Twitter! Quora! LinkedIn! Blogging! Newsletter / Email (highest

    ROI of all digital media)! Google+! Games! Forums!

    White papers / Case studies! Peer review! Seeding posts! Infographics! E-book! Webinars! Community! Guest blogging ! Teleseminar! Affiliate Marketing! Game elements (e.g. leader board,

    80% signed up, awards for actions)! SEO / SEM! Pinterest! Blog commenting!


  • Earned Media & PR!

    ! Brings big numbers all at once!! Gives a spike of traffic!! May not be aimed at the target market

    (i.e. much of the time TechCrunch isnt the target market, but its what VCs read & gives social proof)!

    ! Has a strong trust rate!


  • Affiliate, SEO & Media Buy (Ads)!

    ! Immediate!! Targeted!! Mobile has a stronger conversion than web!! Strongest conversion is mobile FB!! Costs (which is fine if you charge, could be

    a dilemma if youre free)!! Doesnt build a relationship !! Has the lowest trust rate!! Affiliate needs to be well vetted in order to

    not destroy the brand!


  • Relationship Marketing!! Takes time!! Builds the brand!! Costs (yes, time is money)!! Builds a relationship!! Increases referral rate!! One key point social needs to be built

    into the product!


  • @shiraabel

    behavioral engineering!

  • Simplicity changes behavior.!- BJ Fogg!


  • T-shirt Economy!@shiraabel!

  • T-Shirt Economy!! Reputation based!

    ! Incentives are about doing something for the love of it NOT financial reward!

    ! Easier to get someone to do something for free than for less money (e.g. lawyers would rather do pro bono than get paid less per hour for the same work)!

    ! Changes the way we perceive the work we do!! When we already have our basic needs met, were

    more likely to do something for our own joy!! This is where the evangelists should be

    thats why not paying them is a good thing!


  • Financial Economy!@shiraabel!

  • Financial Economy !!! People judge if something is worth their time!! Become less enthusiastic if the work is not

    paid according to expectations!! Make sure incentives are aligned with goals!! Proven to be a bad way to build incentives to

    get people to work harder!! Studies have shown that for cognitive work, a

    larger reward results in worse results !! Loss aversion, however, brings better results!

    ! This will affect the affiliates the most!


  • Priming!@shiraabel!

  • Framing!@shiraabel!

  • Loss Aversion !@shiraabel!

  • Inclusion e.g. Easter Egg!@shiraabel!

  • Achievement !@shiraabel!



  • Action Triggers!@shiraabel!

    What gets your customer moving?

  • Nir Eyal If you dont know him you should.

  • Jack Dorsey: The Power of User Narratives!!!


  • Web !

  • Mobile!

  • Engineering Social Proof !!@shiraabel!

  • Engineering Social Proof !!

    Ask for reviews in

    update notes!


  • Engineering the Path to OK!@shiraabel!

    The user must do a set of actions, before

    permission is requested.!

  • Engineering the Path to OK!@shiraabel!

    User-triggered requests showed the highest

    conversion rates!

  • Engineering Viral!


  • How You Say Things Matters!Researchers found that placing the