Behavioral Engineering at The Next Web Conference April 2014 - Shira Abel

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Why do your customers do what they do? How to motivate them to go where you need them to go?

Transcript of Behavioral Engineering at The Next Web Conference April 2014 - Shira Abel


2. @shiraabel! WE ARE! Marko Jovanovich! Engineering ! Shira Abel! Marketing / Strategy! Ivana Buric! Design! + An amazing team of developers, designers, UX, UI, copywriters, & content writers! 3. @shiraabel! WE DID! 4. CEO, Hunter & Bard! Marketing strategy & implementation! UX, UI, Design, & Branding! Full development! Teach Marketing for Startups at StartHub (Tel Aviv/ Jaffa Academic College)! Mentor at: Google, Microsoft, Founder Institute, & more! MBA, Kellogg School of Management! Shira Abel @shiraabel! Follow me!! 5. BEFORE AFTER DOUBLED VIEWS & REVENUE! We Help Companies 6. The Center of it All! GREAT! PRODUCT! Earned Media / PR! Relationship! Marketing! SEO / Ads /! Afliate! @shiraabel! 7. Simplicity changes behavior.! - BJ Fogg! @shiraabel! 8. T-shirt (Reputation) Economy! @shiraabel! 9. T-Shirt Economy! Reputation based! Incentives are about doing something for the love of it NOT nancial reward! Easier to get someone to do something for free than for less money (e.g. lawyers would rather do pro bono than get paid less per hour for the same work)! Changes the way we perceive the work we do! When we already have our basic needs met, were more likely to do something for our own joy! This is where evangelists are! @shiraabel! 10. Financial Economy! @shiraabel! 11. Financial Economy !! People judge if something is worth their time! Become less enthusiastic if the work is not paid according to expectations! Make sure incentives are aligned with goals! Proven to be a bad way to build incentives to get people to work harder! Studies have shown that for cognitive work, a larger reward results in worse results ! Loss aversion, however, brings better results! This affects afliates the most! @shiraabel! 12. Priming! @shiraabel! 13. Framing! @shiraabel! 14. Loss Aversion ! @shiraabel! 15. Inclusion e.g. Easter Egg! @shiraabel! 16. ONCE PEOPLE START TO COME HOW DO YOU GET THEM TO COME BACK? AND SHARE?! @shiraabel! 17. Action Triggers! @shiraabel! Whatgetsyourcustomermoving? 18. NirEyalIfyoudontknowhimyoushould. @shiraabel! 19. Web ! 20. Mobile! 21. Engineering the Right Social Proof!! @shiraabel! Each feeling gets a different result! 22. Engineering the Right Social Proof!! Ask for reviews in update notes! @shiraabel! 23. Engineering the Path to OK! @shiraabel! The user must do a set of actions, before permission is requested.! 24. Engineering the Path to OK! @shiraabel! User-triggered requests showed the highest conversion rates! 25. Engineering Viral! @shiraabel! 26. How You Say Things Matters! Researchers found that placing the following statement at the end of an ad caused their trust scores to jump as much as 33 percent!! You can trust us to do the job for you.! ! 27. Emotional Triggers Examples ! 1. Fear Insurance! 2. Guilt Mothers Day! 3. Trust Financial institutions! 4. Value Matching prices! 5. Belonging Part of our community! 6. Competition Doing better than the Joness! 7. Instant Gratication I want it now! 8. Leadership Early adopter & evangelist ! 9. Trendsetting What are the leaders doing? ! 10. Time Save time! 28. Cognitive Resources! Behavior depends on time of day were more likely to have no patience at the end of the day, when were hungry or tired! Place if were being interrupted every 30 seconds, our cognitive resources will be spent decision making goes down! How much weve had to concentrate again, using up cognitive resources! We cant decipher truth from ction when were cognitively spent! Our mood can change simply by putting a pencil between our teeth and forcing ourselves to smile ! Point being When is your customer using your product? Whats their cognitive level? ! 29. Engineering Good Feelings! @shiraabel! Dopamine rush! 30. Engineering Good Feelings! @shiraabel! Dopamine rush! 31. Know Your Market! @shiraabel! 32. Watch the Funnel! Acquisition ! Learns About Product! Conversion ! Signs Up! Retention ! Uses Product! WOM (Sharing)! Buys! @shiraabel! 33. Hat tip: 34. Connect!! @shiraabel hFp:// hFp:// hFps:// 35. References & Reads! !!!!!!!!!!! !! ! ! ! ! !!!! Breakthrough Marketing Plans!!!!!!! ! @shiraabel!