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    Virginia TechSchool of Architecture + Design


    SELECTED WORKSlutheran memorial churchkayak out tterconsulaterci education centerriva san vitale winery

    OTHER WORKSpotterywatercolorphotographysketches




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  • 001 resume 002 003

    SCSHIRA CHU 5 Kinglet AveMarlboro, NJ


    EDUCATIONVirginia Tech College of Architeure + Urban StudiesBachelor of Architecture 3.85 GPA, Honors2011 - 2016

    Colts Neck High School2007 - 2011

    DIGITAL SKILLSMicrosoft Of ceAdobe PhotoshopAdobe InDesignAdobe IllustratorSketchUpAutoCADRhinoRevitVray

    OTHER SKILLSPhotographyModel makingWatercolorSketchingPottery

    LANGUAGESFluent EnglishFluent CantonesePro cient Mandarin

    WORK EXPERIENCESurvey for Research Center [Blacksburg, VA] Sept 2013 - presentLead Data Collection Assistant

    Arcari + Iovino Architects [Little Ferry, NJ] May 2014 - Aug 2014Architecture InternSet up Design Development and Construction Document sets3D renderings, site measuremets, and schematic designsWorked with colleagues and principals

    Uncommon Schools [New York, NY] May 2013 - Aug 2013Facilities InternCreated drawings for renovation and furniture layoutTravel to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Newark to view site conditionsProject Management and site measurementsWorked with Directors of Operations at different locations

    ACTIVITIES AND ACHIEVEMENTSVirginia Tech Honors Program 2012 - presentChi Alpha Leadership 2012 - presentHokies for Haiti 2012 - presentResidential Leadership Community 2011 - 2012Global Architectural Brigrades 2011 - 2013

    First Year Competition Finalist Spring 2012GAB Honduras Facility Competition Finalist Spring 2012RCI Education Center Competition Honorable Mention Fall 2013Walter and Helen H. Beal Scholarship Spring 2014Deans List Fall 2011 - Fall 2014

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    s e l e c t e d w o r k s

  • 8LUTHERAN MEMORIAL CHURCH[ Spring 2014 ]Blacksburg, VAThe parts together make a whole and the whole is integrated with the separate build-ings, a wall, and outdoor space. Each ele-ment has more than one function. The wall not only separates the parking lot from the building, but also sets up the precedence for the rest of the building as people get ready to enter a space of worship.

    People welcome nature, whether it may be daylight, fl oral, water, visual, or tactile, but only if it is done with well integrated and gentle elegance. The incorporation of nature does not necessarily always mean visuals to the exterior, but it can begin to relate to the choice of material palette and spatial comfort.

    The program and spaces needed within the church serves multiple functions to differ-ent groups. These spaces are offi ces, a playground, a home, a place of worship, and a community serving a wide range of people. Having the architecture support the fl exibility of a program gives clients the necessary outlet to transform the space.

  • 001 002 lutheran memorial church 003

    5 10 20 35 ft


    5 10 20 35 ft 5 10 20 35 ft

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    5 10 20 35 ft


    5 10 20 35 ft


  • 001 002 lutheran memorial church 003

    concrete foundation

    concrete structural wallswith bronze cladding

    first floor with concrete slab

    concrete floor beam and girder system

    second floor with concrete slab

    concrete roof beam and girder system

    concrete roof and insulation



    DETAIL A Roof Section

    DETAIL B Bronze clad wall SectionBronze clad wall Section

    DETAIL B Bronze clad wall exploded

    DETAIL A1 Wear course and draining layer [1.5 in]2 Roofing membrane [ 0.1in]3 Insulation [2 in]4 Vapor retarder [0.1 in]5 Reinforced concrete roof slab [6 in]

    DETAIL B6 Bronze panel [0.5 in]7 Interlocking chanels [1.75 in]8 Air space [2.0 in]9 Insulation [4.0 in]10 Vapor barrier [0.1 in]11 Reinforced concrete structural wall [12 in]12 Metal plate [0.25 in]13 Nail




















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    NOVEMBERAvg Wind Speed 4.07 m/s

    Gen direction NW

    AUGUSTAvg Wind Speed 3.20 m/sGen direction NW and SE

    MAYAvg Wind Speed 3.89 m/sGen direction NW and SE

    JANUARYAvg Wind Speed 4.67 m/s

    Gen direction NW

  • 001 002 lutheran memorial church 003

    PASSIVE SYSTEMSTaking advantage of the NW and SW winds, cross ventilation is used in addition to HVAC to cool most of the building with the exception of the sanctuary. Trees are used to shade and bring in cooler air.The sanctuary is the only double height space, which allows for air stratifi cation. The cool air rises as it warms up and escapes the building through vents. Vertical fi ns are on the south facade windows, emphasizing verticality and directing sunlight into the spaces.

    THE WALLUsing the wall as the main element, the mighty fortress is deconstructed as the perception of such an idea is changed As people enter the site to park, they are greeted by a single wall that blocks the northwest winds. The wall then reappears within the building that prepares people entering the worship spaces. The longest wall separates the worship spaces from the rest of the building. In the rendering above, the wall sets up a grand entrance as people enter the Holy Place. The wall offers a perspective that draws from the past into the future.

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    1 lobby area2 office 3 changing room/bathroom4 viewing space/lockers5 observation deck




    KAYAK OUTFITTER[ Fall 2012 ]St. Paul, VALocated in St. Paul, Virginia, the Kayak Outfitter was designed to have qualities that are indicative of the river, accentuating the natural surroundings and the journey one takes through the river.

    Through the use of glass and light, a blend of the outside surroundings and interior become the main focus of the structure. The use of floating planes represent the journey one embarks on down the Clinch River. They fore-shadow the kayaking experience ahead for those who have yet to embark while stimulating a sense of reminisce for those who have completed the journey. The building is situated into the sloping landscape in a way in which the deck surrounding the building appears to be floating.

  • 001 002 kayak outfitter 003

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    CONSULATE[ Spring 2013 ]New York, NYLocated on a slot site in New York, the consulate has a curved glass wall that serves as an additional space for light to enter through the building. The space frame is exposed, demonstrating structure and creating shadows as the sun rises and sets. Rods are connected by nodes and the insulated panels of glass are attached to the frame with a four legged spider clamp.

    The space within the interior is divided with a partition wall that also serves as storage and bookcase. The front facade is dominated by a line that then continues into the building and lines up with the elevator shaft and skylight. It serves as a point of interest in the building.

    Scales of compression are experimented with the build-ing. From the city, people are compressed into the lobby space, which is still relatively generous in height. As people enter the multi-purpose room, they are com-pressed even further. As one travels vertically through the building. the space frame brings an awareness of compression as the space becomes smaller.

  • 001 002 consulate 003

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    SPACE FRAME DETAILThe space frame is anchored to a concrete base that rises three feet from the slab. Nodes are used in rod con-nections. A triple-layered glass panel has a space gap for insulation and is attached to the space frame with a spacer and four-legged spider clamp.The curved space frame allows light to enter the buliding from an additional facade rather than the one facing the street. The space frame also lights the building at night.

  • 001 002 consulate 003

    laminated tempered glass

    low-e coating


    steel node

    steel rod


    spider clamp with capsclamp connector (welded)

    fl oor fi nishmetal deck with concrete

    steel beambeam/girder system


    rigid insulation

    porous fi ll

    6 concrete slab

    concrete footing

    steel plate and angle

    metal deck with concrete

    beam/girder system

    rigid insulation

    porous fi ll

    6 concrete slab

    metal deck with concrete

    beam/girder system

    rigid insulation

    porous fi ll

    6 concrete slab

    rigid insulation

    6 concrete slab

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    RCI EDUCATION CENTER[ Fall 2013 ]Pulaski, VAThe center will serve as a forum for discus-sion of shading, energy efficiency and new developments in building enclosures. It will host classes and demonstrations for a wide range of audiences. The design concept dealt with an idea of layers within the building envelope and framing the view of the creek on the site.

    The suspended ceiling is indicative of the layering inspiration. It provides space for ductwork and lighting but also reveals struc-ture beyond the ceiling itself. It instigates awareness that the ceiling itself not a struc-ture but is hanging from the structure itself.

    The thick wall in the laboratory space (on west side) was viewed as a learning opportu