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  • The race for the American presidency and the risks for European security Research by Sarah Manney and Caitlyn Littlepage

    at the International Centre for Defence and Securityin Tallinn, Estonia


    The upcoming U.S. elections are a crossroads for American security guarantees to Europe.

    In light of Russias recent invasion of Ukraine, escalating military exercises in the Baltic sea and along Russias northwestern border portend ill for the three Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. These NATO members depend in large part on security guarantees from their Western allies, particularly America, to deter Russian aggression. This election cycle, the value of Americas international commitments and its critical stance towards Russia has been called into question. In particular, Republican nominee Donald Trumps proposed foreign policy would jeopardize more than half a century of security cooperation and leave the Baltic states dangling dangerously in Russias jaws.

    What are the potential consequences of the U.S. election on Baltic security?

    Our task at ICDS was to compile a dossier on the two presidential candidates with regards to their prospect ive pres ident ia l act ions concerning Europe and the Baltics. The conclusion we drew was dramatic, but not shocking. Donald Trumps reckless temperament, profit-driven concept of international alliances, and abundant Russ ia connect ions would harm deterrence, while Hillary Clintons hawkish disposition, critical rhetoric towards Vladimir Putin, and ample policy experience would largely advance it.

    Work at ICDS

    ICDS is a defence and security think tank partly funded by the Estonian government, housed in a small modern office just outside of Tallinn City Centre. The organization is directed by former Estonian Minister of Defence Jri Luik and welcomes diplomats from around the world. While we were there, we got to hear from former U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan and Stanford Alum Matthew Bryza, as well as a number of academics focused on Russia. We learned about so much at ICDS, including:

    Domestic threats facing Eastern European countries NATO cooperation and shared missions Russian covert operations in the near-abroad Cybersecurity Consequences of international events like Brexit,

    the U.S. election, the Turkish coup

    Estonia (Eesti)


    Fun and Travel

    How does the Russian media portray the candidates?

    We also looked at how the candidates are portrayed in the Russian media: For what are they criticized or faulted? Is there a strong bias towards either candidate? The results we found were as expected: Donald Trump is showered with considerable praise for h i s supposed l eade rsh ip and command o fAmer ican popu la r opinion, while Hillary Clinton is criticized for, well, just about everything.

    PMs Office

    Helsinki, Finland

    Estonian cuisine

    Midsummers Eve

    Saint Petersburg, Russia

    Baltics in the