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Instant guide to free digital TV channels from Scandinavia and the Baltics.

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  • Instant guide to free digital TV channels

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    from june 2009s issue...

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    Scandinavia & Baltics

    Freesat Freeview euro tv skyThe best kit, The best programmes

  • 2 What Satellite & Digital TV

    NRK1 Tegnsprk is a sign-language channel

    Visjon Norge comes live from the Holy Land

    Visjon is Christian TV for Norway

    A peaceful view of Lithuanian life

    Belarus TV is the official voice of the country

    LTV World is dedicated to Lithuanias expat community

    Scandinavia & BalticsWotsat looks at free TV from Scandinavia & the Baltic States, and how to get it

    Free satellite television is surprisingly hard to find from

    countries around the Baltic Sea, but with a one metre dish (or bigger) and a little luck, viewers in the East of England should be able to tune in to a spread of channels, and there are even a couple on Astra 1 and Hot Bird.

    satellite TV is very popular in scandinavia, not least because its an easy way to reach remote locations.

    All four nations have long embraced pay-TV and encryption even for their national television channels and, unfortunately, the days of easily hacked encryption on D2-mac are long behind us, so only norways nrK1 a sign-language channel broadcast for two hours per night is available to expats or the simply curious.

    finland offers the unusual cultural window of Toto TV, which specialises in modern chariot racing that you wont find on British racecourses.

    Embracing satellite TVThe former soviet states on the Baltic have begun to embrace satellite TV, not least because there are many of estonians, Lithuanians and Latvians working around

    europe since they joined the european union in 2004. Lithuania even has a dedicated world channel for its expats, which is available in the united states as well as across europe.

    Latvias TV5 is based in riga but is aimed at the countrys russian-speaking ethnic minority. it imports a lot of russian TV, which is usually very difficult to pick up from the uK because russian satellites are so far to the east. its also owned by rupert murdoch, who hasnt yet got involved in pay-TV here.

    Eurovision tops the pollBelarus offers two interesting choices: state-run Belarus TV, or Belsat, which is based in Poland to avoid harsh sanctions against television channels which criticise the current ruling regime.

    in our list of popular programmes one series is a clear winner in any of these countries; the eurovision song Contest. from picking their entry to the grand final, it trumps all the competition and they embrace the controversy.

    its easy to understand why the newer member states enjoy celebrating their nationhood on an international stage, but the contests enduring popularity in scandinavia is at odds with its decline over here.

    maybe they just like a party n

    Fem av de beste Five of TVs most popular shows in Scandinavia and the Baltic States

    Return Move Belarus TV Talk show hosted by Alexander Martynenko. Belarus TV says: The programme resembles a chess game, where the emotions are irrelevant.

    Kalyhanka Belsat Belsat is an independent Belorussian channel broadcast out of Poland to avoid strict media controls in Belarus, so its not surprising that this comedy show has a rich vein of anti-establishment satire.

    Mentu KariTV5 RigaCop series about organised crime in St Petersburg, aimed at Latvias Russian-speaking ethnic minority.

    PanoramaLTV WorldLithuanias main evening news programme is one of the most popular shows on domestic channel LTV.

    Nytt p nyttNRK1Norwegian TVs top show is The News Anew, based on Have I Got News For You.

    ToolkitWhat you need to receive Baltic free TVn free-to-air DVB digital satellite receiver n 100cm dish with universal LnB aimed at sirius 4 (4.8e). see Channel Check for dish sizes required on other satellites

    Next on Euro Spotlightn Free TV from Russia and The Caucuses

  • What Satellite & Digital TV 3

    Euro SpoTlighT

    Miracle TV more religion from the North Geography on the First Baltic Music Channel


    7Wone of two dedicated Middle East/North Africa orbital slots, a quirky sidelobe allows Nilesat 101 to be picked up on a 1.2m dish in london; Nilesat 102 and Atlantic Bird 4 both require 2.3m dishes, and the same is expected of Nilesat 201 next year, which will ultimately replace the first-generation satellites.n operator: Nilesat/Eutelsat

    Satellitesn Nilesat 101Launched: Ariane 4, Kourou, April 28, 1998Launch mass: 1,840kgManufacturer: Matra Marconi Space Eurostar 2000Transponders: 12 Ku-bandEIRP: 50.1dBWBeams: North Africa & Middle East

    n Nilesat 102Launched: Ariane 4, Kourou, August 17, 2000Launch mass: 1,827kgManufacturer: Astrium Eurostar 2000Transponders: 12 Ku-bandEIRP: 50.1dBWBeams: North Africa & Middle East

    n Atlantic Bird 4 (formerly hot Bird 4)Launched: Ariane 4, Kourou, February 27, 1998Launch mass: 2,900kgManufacturer: Matra Marconi Space Eurostar 2000+Transponders: 20 Ku-bandEIRP: 50dBWBeams: Widebeam

    n Nilesat 201Launched: Ariane 5 ECA, Kourou, February 2010Launch mass: 3,200kgManufacturer: Thales Alenia Spacebus 4000B2Transponders: 24 Ku-band, 4 Ka-bandEIRP: 50+dBWBeams: North Africa & Middle East

    Free Belorussian TVBelarus TV 40E General entertainment Belsat 19.2E, 4.8E General entertainmentPerviy Muzykalnyi 40E Pop musicTelekanal

    Free Finnish TVToto TV 1W Chariot racing

    Free Latvian TVPerviy Baltijskyi 4.8E Pop musicMuzykalnyi Kanal TV 5 4.8E General entertainment

    Free Lithuanian TVLTV World 4.8E Expat entertainment

    Free Norwegian TVNRK1 1W Sign-language news Vision Heaven 13E Religion - Christian Visjon Norge 4.8E, 1W Religion - Christian

    Free Swedish TVKanal 10 4.8E Religion - ChristianLifestyle TV 1W Religion - Christian

    Notes: There are no free TV channels from Denmark or Estonia


    Free TV channels

    Nilesats official footprints arent encouraging for the UK

    See Channel Check page 58 for frequencies

    Enjoy a little local musical colour You think the winters are bad here?

    A lighter moment on Belsat TV