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Using shortcuts could save you as much as 18 days a year! Learn some of the basic shortcuts on a Mac to get you started.

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  • 1. 1. WILL SHORTCUTS SAVE ME TIME? If you only perform 200 simple tasks (such as opening a program, looking for a file) in an 8 hour day, you could save as much as 2400 seconds every work day with shortcuts. Thats 40 minutes a day! Thats 3.3 hours a week! Thats just over 1.5 days a month! Thats just over 3 and a half weeks a year!
  • 2. 2. SHORTCUT KEYS: THE BASIS OF KEYBOARD PRODUCTIVITY So how do you start saving time by being more productive with your keyboard? -> With Shortcut keys. A shortcut key (or keyboard shortcut) is a set of keys pressed at the same time. For example, you might push the CMD key and the S key at the same time to form the CMD+S shortcut key to save. Typically, the Shift key is used in conjunction with other keys. Because Shift+S is actually the same as typing a capital S.
  • 3. 3. KEYBOARD COMBINATIONS A close cousin of shortcut keys are keyboard combinations. They are so similar that, outside of this presentation, we typically call them both shortcut keys. While a shortcut key is a set of keys pressed at the same time, a keyboard combination is a shortcut key followed by another key. For example, the keyboard combination to add a caret on an e In order to achieve this, youll press the alt+i keys, release them and then press the e key.
  • 4. SWITCH APPLICATIONS Flip between your open applications +
  • 5. VIEW DETAILS While you are in the finder, you can easily and quickly see more details on a particular folder or image by pressing alt and spacebar. +
  • 6. OPEN A NEW SEARCH FINDER WINDOW Are you used to pressing Window + E to open windows explorer? This is simlar to open a new finder window. + +
  • 7. OBVIOUS SHORTCUTS Open Mission Control Open Launchpad The following shortcuts work across most programs. New Open Close Quit + + + + N Save O Copy W Cut Q Paste + + + + S C X V
  • 8. FINDER One of the best additions to the Mavericks OS is Finder tabs. If you have multiple Finder windows already open, on the finder menu, go to Window > Merge all Windows. If you have a Finder window open, press CMD + T to open a new tab. + T
  • 9. TO BREAK THE LINE WITHIN A CELL If you want to move to the next line within a cell + +
  • 10. COPY A CELL If you want to copy a cells value (or formula) to the cell directly below it, go to the cell below the one you would like to copy and press: + D
  • 11. TODAYS DATE AND TIME Do you want to insert todays date, press: + ; Do you want to insert the current time, press: + ;
  • 12. DATE SHORTHAND Whenever working with dates, you can capture the date in the following shorthand: MM-DD It will default to the current year.
  • 13. SCREEN GRABS In order to take a screen grab on a Mac, you have the following options: + 3 Full screen as PNG on Desktop + + 4 Portion you select as PNG on Desktop + + + + 4 + + 3 + Full screen as PNG on Clipboard Specific Window as PNG on Desktop
  • 14. SPECIAL CHARACTERS Some handy special characters that you wont see on your keyboard: i , e + u , e + e , e + ` , e + The letter in blue is interchangeable for any other vowel.